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1997 Subaru Impreza GF4
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Hello, My name is Johnny and I live in San Jose California. I currently have a 2.2L 1997 Subaru impreza outback sport/gf4 AKA The North America Gf8. I purchased my car on November 10th 2013 when I saw it on craigslist for a pretty cheap price and it was a clean title. So I decided to finally make a Member's journal today on November 24,2014 About one year later after I got my car. I did name my car Yuffie due to the color of my car as of when I got her.

This is how she looks when I picked her up.
The Car as I picked her up.
-5 speed
-173k miles

-Completely stock as of now.

Current Exterior Mods/repairs
- Jdm 22b sti sports bumper
-Jdm authentic 22b vents
- Jdm Clear banana Lights
- Jdm Clear corner
- Jdm Crystal clear headlights
- Jdm Clear Side Markers
- Enkei Rpf1 rims 17x8.5
- Jdm Gf8 rain visors
- Fixed Driver Side Fender
- Jdm V6 Grill
- 22b Sti sports bumper lip made by aerosim/burn up.
- Jdm RS Side Skirts.
- GF8 Jdm Rear tail Lights
- Bi-xenon retrofit with 6000k HID and e46 shrouds
- S201 carbon fiber hood scoop painted brp
- Jdm rear v6 bumper
- Jdm rear bumper spats
- Jdm rear Aero Guard
- Piaas 520 fog lights
- Jdm Gf8 Roof Rails
-Jdm STI top spoiler
-Hella Horns sprayed white.
- Jdm autentic 22b vents
- Jdm Crystal ion fog lights
- Jdm Sti mid wing
Future plans Exterior
- Real advans rc2 or Volk Te37
- A Pillar antenna delete
- Wide Body Fenders and 1/4 panels
- Moldless doors
- Replace v6 aluminum Hood
- Hella Horns
And Many more to come.

Current Interior
- Driver/ Passenger Bride Seats.
- Jdm v7 Momo steering wheel
- 2004 wrx wagon rear seats.
- New front and rear speakers. Forgot which one
- New deck. Forgot which one
- Blue Cobb shift knob.
- blue STI carpet from 04
Haven't done much on the interior but will get started soon.

I also Got a viper 2 way car alarm installed.
With power locks
-Kyb struts.
-Eibach springs
- STI rear sway bar
- Tanabe strut bar


1997 Subaru Impreza GF4
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Just recently got this lip!

Thanks salvi for the lip and fog covers! Need to work on the fog covers and properly mount the lip. Quite satisfied with how it looks

1997 Subaru Impreza GF4
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So since I didn't I will doing it now.
Pre rear lights. Thanks Dimsumboi for the help

JDM read lights

Bought the car with this fender

Put on this fender. Was silver but color match

Pre grill and bumper

Grill with Clear corners

Crystal clear head lights with bumper

fog covers + amber Banana lights

clear side markers + clear banana + side skirt

Better shot of the sideskirt. still crappy shot

got this steering wheel a couple weeks ago from JDMGary and planning to put it in

And back to the most recent picture

1997 Subaru Impreza GF4
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Was going to post up one more picture of the jdm gc/gf rain visors but I have it in my thumbnail

1997 Subaru Impreza OBS
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Damn, That thing is sick! I have the same model, year and color with 136k miles on it but anyhow, where did you get the bumper and lip from?
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