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Just curious as to what people would do to their GC8 if they could do everything they wanted to it.

for me: Gold Superleggeras in 17 inch wrapped in S-03 pole positions, 15 inch Raceline RL7's wrapped in Novian snow tires(for winter), version 6 lip spoiler, prodrive/RB5 wing, Ohlins PCV coilovers or DMS 50mm coilovers, Isotta steering wheel, 22b front grille, v6 rear spats, Endless 6 pot brake kit in front and 4 pots in the rear, Vishnu Turbo kit @ 10psi, HKS EVC IV boost controller, vishnu tec-II engine management system, Sparco Stripes pedals and bio chrome shift knob.

:drool: :drool: :drool:

i don't have close to enough money to do these mods though.

i can dream though.

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that is sort of like my dream scooby.

Well here it goes.

I already have the front lip and rear spats and RB5 wing that you have requested on the above.

RL7's should be on there way within the next month or so.

Vishnu kit is a must as i have heard from many of Shiv's friends and him. With the tec-II and all.
DMS 50's another must for the rally enthusiast.
I change the brakes to either Brembo's or Prodrives for both front and back aswell.
Sparco Evo seats with 5pt harnesses.

However i would love to have the 22b bodykit.
That car just looks so hot. You gotta love those flares.


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My dream Impreza is sitting outside, it just isn't completed...YET!!!
Here is what is no particular order.

Closed deck EJ25
Forged 8.5:1 pistons
Stage III DNT Performance supercharger kit (12psi at 6000 rpms)
Full engine management system
Full Synchro hardened gearset with custom ratios
Ohlins PCV coil overs
17 inch Racing Hart CP-35 (silver)
BFG Gforce TA KD 205 50 17
Seam weilded chassis
Foam filled chassis
Lower control arm brace
Momo Street Racer seats
P1 front lip
Carbon Fiber hood (painted Sedona Red of course)
Apexi Rear lip
Lightweight front bumper beam
Battery moved to trunk and replaced with lightweight gel pack
RB5 rear wing
22b hood vents
Solo I legal roll cage
Polyurethane suspension bushing all the way around
Upgraded engine and tranny mounts
Upgraded front and rear limited slip differentials
STi adjustable center diff.
Sti steering rack
Custom Mandrel bent header back, with one high flow cat
Stainless steel brake lines
SingleStage brake booster

And some form of brake upgrade in the front and rear, but I haven't decided on what brand or size yet. I would like to upgrade to 4 pots in front and 2 in the rear, but I would also like to be able to race on 16 inch rims. I think AP has some that will fit under 16's, but I don't know yet.

How does that sound? It sounds like a heavenly dream to me, but one that will come true. I promise that.

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Templar said:
And some form of brake upgrade in the front and rear, but I haven't decided on what brand or size yet. I would like to upgrade to 4 pots in front and 2 in the rear, but I would also like to be able to race on 16 inch rims. I think AP has some that will fit under 16's, but I don't know yet.
Naw, go for the TarOx 10 piston calipers in the front :) If you machine the rotors and rims they will fit :biggest:

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  • Drop in a built, turbocharged H6
  • Setup the engine with the SDS aftermarket ECU
  • Flare the fenders a lot
  • Put in some super wide wheels and tires (like 9" or 10" wide)
  • Custom build an electronic transmission shifter for my 4EAT
  • Get some AGX's with some Eiback springs, that don't lower the car much
  • Get an Air-to-water intercooler
  • Get some bigger brakes
  • Go kick some ass! :D

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:eek: Man, that's a long list of already done mods Templar! :D

My list is quite long also except it's just a wishlist for now... :p Not sure about power yet, but definitely FI. Maybe sc or swap w/FMIC. :D Here's the rest of the list: full Cusco bodykit, some kind of racing seats & harness (not sure which one), custom interior, paintjob (can't decide on a color), rollcage, HID, Advan or other nice & light rims, some kind of coilovers (not sure on this either), a real rb5 spoiler, brembo brakes, bigger rear sway, front & rear endlinks, 6 speed would be nice also, and some other misc stuff. That's most of it.


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Nope sorry MagicMT, that ist is a list of yet to be completed.


I have been giving your idea of dropping in the H6 some thought. Were you planning on using the SVX 3.3 liter, or the new 3.0?
I know for a fact that there are rail buggies running the 3.3 with twin turbos and putting out around 500 horsepower. I think it is a great idea, it can even be equipped with a stick if you wanted that. Of course there are plenty of doubters out there, but I also know that I have seen images of an Impreza with a NA 3.3 under the hood. I believe it was a guy in Canada who did it.

Needless to say there truly is no replacement for displacement. After all, you may be able to turbo a four cylinder and blow away V8s, but when the guy in the V8 goes turbo, well, then you are just another 4 against a V8 again.

Boy am I gonna get flamed for that.:flame:

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Well, here's the basic plan I had... or some thoughts...

Basically, I was going to start with the new 3.0L H6 engine, because it is (1) smaller than the 3.3L and (2) lighter than the 3.3L.

Since I have an auto transmission, and that is what the H6 uses, that is a simple drop-in proposition for me. However, due to the increase in length of about 1", I have heard that the radiator would have to be moved forward. So that means to me a custom radiator needs to be made - no big deal.

Then, since it weighs about 100 pounds more, I would relocate the battery to the drivers side in the trunk. Combine that with an aluminum hood and some stiffer springs, I feel the weight increase would be only around 30-50 pounds total. I could get the light weight front bumper but then the smallest accident risks the whole engine.

Now, I have heard of some issues with the H6, mainly the crankshaft breaking under normal use! So, my pick is to have a billit crank made, probably knife edged, unless the cost is prohibitive. Combine that with rods and pistons that can deal with heavy duty use, I think the internals would be bulletproof. Basically. Now, I am seriously considering keeping a high, if not relatively high, compression ratio - like the 10:1 or whatever the 2.5L engine uses. More usable torque off-boost. I might lower it slightly, like to 9.5:1, but unlikely. If I wanted really big HP (but not torque) I'd lower the compression to 8.5:1, obviously.

Okay, then the ECU. Well, I am simply going to get the SDS EFI (httP;// as it seems to fit the bill nicely and is not horribly expensive. Go check up on that, they have 4 and 6 cylinder versions, and on the plus side, they have a lot of experience with Subaru engines as they make the kit for Subaru aircraft engine conversions (Yup, the Subaru engine in your airplane!)

Finally, the intake, turbo and exhaust. Well, I thought about using the stock intake, and if I do, off the Extrude Hone it goes. Copper head gaskets and head studs (not bolts) to hold it all together is planned. Then the exhaust - well, it obviously have to be custom. I will be using stainless steel and just find a local shop to do it for me. Smaller diameter tubing, to keep exhaust velocity up. I will also be trying to do an equal length design, and wrap it to retain the heat (good for a turbo's performance.) The wastegate design will be strategically placed for the best control of the turbo. I would ultimately like to use the Aerocharger turbo ( for it's incredible low boost response and overall great design. But it's $2500 or so, which means I will probably start small and go from there. I would actually like to place the turbo right where the battery was. So headers come forward to the turbo. The turbo will pull the air in from somewhere over there (maybe through the fender to a CAI) and blow the charged air down to a front-mount intercooler. Again, this will probably have to be a custom design, getting around the relocated radiator and A/C (yeah, I am keeping it!). From there, the I/C will send the cool air back to the intake... or, MAYBE I will build a custom intake (if I can't use the stock one) and do a front-intake design, to decrease piping length.

The exhuast will obviously be a fat 3" out to the back, through some high performance cat(s), and then into a giant muffler, keeping things VERY quiet. I like the sleeper design. :)

I foresee having to make custom motor mounts, MAYBE, but it may just all bolt it if I get the engine cross member as well, but who knows...

Now I am probably missing a thing or two, as this is just off the top of my head, but you get the basic idea.

Questions? Let me know. I am happy to share my dreams. :D

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I was never very much of a dreamer so I'll just list what I am doing to my car.Or what I have already and what I plan on getting............

I have:

KYB AGX adjustable front and rear shocks
Eibach pro springs
STI style front strut tower bar
STI style rear stru bar
Subaru 20 MM rear sway bar
High flow cat and DTM dual tip stainless muffler to be mounted with custom 2.5 inch piping from the manifold back.
Brake master cylinder bracket
I wont waste money on a intake because I will get a turbo kit eventually so I will make my own

In a few weeks I'll have

Subaru 4 pot calipers for the front and 2 pots for the rear
Subaru Bigger brake upgrade for the front
Rear vented and drilled rotors (not sure who to go with yet)
Front 2 piece rotor drilled (not sure who to go with yet)
Stainless lines

This summer I will get

Either the supercharger mentioned in another post here on this board or a Ludespeed stage 3 kit

I dont believe in fancy spoilers or body kits all the do is create drag.And as for big wheels..................Rotating mass is a race cars worst enemy.All the cars I have built In the past are all buisiness.No show just GOOOOOOO!!!

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since this is suppose to be my dream impreza i think i'll go all out.

Tein coilovers with the in cabin controller or the m2 dms coilovers.
20mm sway bar with hardened endlinks
alk and hardened links for the front sway bar which will stay the same for now
lower tie bar
front/rear cusco strut bars
sti rear axles and whole parking brake assembly
alcon 4 piston brakes for the rear (ie wrc)
6 pot in the front same as used on the tarmac stages of wrc
ss lines
single stage booster
uprated dif's front/rear/center
change the hubs from 5 spoke to center connector like race teams
run 17'' center hub RB5 look-a-like wheels made by volk in gun metal as light as possible
rear spats on a v6 bumper
front spoiler from subaru
zero sports hood
zero sports rear spoiler or the rb5 spolier
custom fab'd side skirts
the new chalak syncro gear set with 6 gears
replace fog lights with driving lights w/sti covers on them
clear corners
body matched side repeater
front mount ic
templars sc
some special ecu
bored out throttle body
lowered compression pistons
Ti rods, valves,
uprated valve springs
Co2 sprayer instead of water for ic
roll cage that lets the sunroof work ;)
sti v7 seat cover types on sparco seats
higher geared rack and pinion set
and replace the radio antenna from the a pillar to a fuba or some other type of hidden/small setup

i probably forgot some stuff but that's basically my dream. OH OH it has to be able to go from steel blue mica to the 22b blue color. Kinda like chamelleon paint but only with those two colors.
That would be awesome. Best of all worlds.

i think i need to wake up now
any one want to sponsor me ? i just need a quick million.
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