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You gotta read this! Damn snooty Rexers

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check out this thread on i-club.....

Ticks me off. :mad: :mad:
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I hear ya! :curse: I bought my 01RS in February, right before the WRX came out. I don't care if the WRX has a turbo, I don't like the look of it.
Oh well, both sides are flaming each other. At least we know we look better :)
How can this guy comment on a car and conclude it's a "middling" performer when the fool never owned one let alone drove one? I know 6 WRX owners who thought different on my Scooby Drive last weekend.

Me him
Come on guys, our cars off the showroom floor do only offer middling performance (given the RE-92's and 165hp in a 3,000 lb. car) but you can do some mods and make them a lot better. :) I;ll take on pretty much ANY WRX in the US and rip him up.

gah! exactly why i've never visited anything that has to do with new school crap or the general forum. i hate the cockiness of WRX drivers who don't realize that the RS is just a toned down WRX of times past. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I knew this was coming a long time ago. There is a growing dislike of wrx's now. I just hope they dont make subaru into another honda. Big headed wrx owners are everywhere we RS owners just need to stick together.

who cares. lets focus on what goes on here :)
Andrew said:
who cares. lets focus on what goes on here :)
i second that. i-club is its own little thing and what goes on there is not a true reflection of the subaru community
Don't stress it...

Don't get upset...Most of the ones that are Fanatics of the GDA don't even have any experience with the GC8...N/A or Turbocharg'd...They never even felt how the GC8 RS pulls down low where the extra displacement and higher compression, not to mention higher flowing heads, leaves the WRX Powertrain behind...

I have more torque down low with my EJ22T than the EJ20T and let me tell you, My torque now is nothing compared to the EJ25 with higher compression. I drove an EJ20 and it was even worse! YUCK!!

the only reason i like the ej20t's is because of that turbo lag. even though it's not usefull in any way shape or form, it's fun going slow and then being slammed into the seat. other than that, they are totally useless (to me atleast)
KillerTHC said:
the only reason i like the ej20t's is because of that turbo lag. even though it's not usefull in any way shape or form, it's fun going slow and then being slammed into the seat. other than that, they are totally useless (to me atleast)
It's fun unless you are hammering on the gas to go and you don't for 2 seconds. I pulled a 2.4 second 60ft. time at the strip because I let my rpm's die off the line. it takes forever to get to 3,000 but once it does, you are right. my boost gauge spikes and I am off!!!

yeah guys lets try to keep the hating ot a minimum...i set em straight with the facts in there, seems alot of them get the idea that their "shit don't stink". well in any case WE are the guys that make up the TRUE Subaru Enthusiast...the rest of em who cares...we all know each other(well most of us) and have made ALOT of good friends via the wonderful power of v-bulletin so lets keep a good thing going, well and knew the demise of i-club was at hand about 4 months ago, now it's all downhill from here.
I read the post and usually, I just ignore those type of threads, but I had to say something. To me, an Impreza is an Impreza. We just have toned down Imprezas. Hell, even the WRX is toned down. Most of us that have RS's are hardcore "Subarists" (that's what they call Subaru enthusiasts in Japan).

Some of the new WRX owners either jumped on the bandwagon or were finally convinced that Subaru was even a company to consider (whether it was by the increased power or softer look).

Guilt by association. Whether we like it or not, they're part of our Subaru and Impreza community. They may not represent the same attitude that we have, but they are still a representative of the community as a whole.

As groups grow, they tend to form cliques. We're guilty of it as well. IMO, we're not better than them, and they are no better than us. We're just different from each other.

In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" Probably not. Let's face it; we've all got vast amounts of testosterone running through our veins. Someone's bound to step on someone else's toes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

The important thing is that we (the Subaru driving community) have kick ass cars with All Wheel Drive, and that's All We'll Drive.

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Yeah, I agree with ivbdn. I know that not everyone who has a WRX feels like that, or is a big stupid-head. At my local Subaru club, there are a few WRX' owners there, and they are all cool, and true enthusiests. So while those guys who posted on that thread may be uninformed, you can't use that broad brush to paint all WRX owners.
Its the people

I argee, I know a few guys n the who have the WRX and seam cool enough. And be honest I do like the look of the new impreza's (I well be getting the rally style head lights tho). But people who buy the car just becasue its fast and the tv said it was good, I got no time for. A true car enthusest in a WRX is fine by me, just not a dumb ass in a WRX
Oddly enough, all the local Chicago-area guys have decent respect for the 2.5RS's (and jump on the case of those who dont... LOL). They all respect the RS's ability on the autoX courses. Now I just have to get my turbo kit back on and show them a little of the power side of it too. :biggest:
The RS is like Pantera. We became great without the media!
hahaha. You guys look at the end of that thread. Thats a good one JaiMak!! I quoted you on that one.
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