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You GO Girls!! Women and their cars!! Post some pics!!

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All i got to say is! I want to take one of you home!! :D :drool:

Girls that love thier suby's. What can get better!!!!!!

Well i hope to see more girls on this site!!! But i am very impressed with the women on this SITE!!
Keep it up Girls!! ;) ;)

I am going to post a pic of my ride soon, even though i am not a WOMAN!! BUT i am A womanizer!! :D :biggest:
ANY ladies in VA or MID MAR!!
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haha thanks! but already taken!:biggest: :p
So am I But that makes it even more exciting!:devil: :rolleyes: ;)

Richie Rich


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You should experiment with the CROP function instead of compressing the photos. Your car is all kinds of messed up!
I'll sort some piccies out later on after I have finished work.
Okay here is a pretty crap picture of me but it will have to do okay?


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well ok.... here r a couple...

rally on!
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jamie, i think that first pic is the most popular one on the i-club, and soon to be here :lol:
trojan9x said:
jamie, i think that first pic is the most popular one on the i-club, and soon to be here :lol:
Actually I think the most popular one of i-club lore is the catsuit one... which has mysteriously vanished. ;)

disappeared forever !!!! :D

Hey notice in Jamie's first pic that the red Pontiac in the background looks like it has the body clad on the side as the shopping cart bay.
johnfelstead said:
i have it, send me your money!!:devil:

Oh come now, you can't be serious! :D :)
puckaveli, never noticed that before though have seen the pic many times. Must be the Safeway Edition Grand Am, eh Jamie?

I don't like to post pics of myself for fear of blinding people with my uglyness:D hehe ^_~
i know what s-monkey looks like heh
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