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Yo dude, wazzup wit da time on notification messages?

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Is it just me or are they 24 hours behind? They keep popping in the wrong spot in my inbox. :)
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Yeah, something is up. Mine are off by an hour. I think it has something to do with the bulletin board setup.

Either that or you've been online too long - it's your brains' way of telling you to get some sleep! :lol:
I'd say it was the sleep thing but it's been doing it since I first posted here. :)

This week = finals = hell, and I'm only taking 12 credits. :) I've got to take 3 Access tests, 1 computer hardware test (wouldn't be hard but the guy asks non-real-life kinds of questions, so I have to read the book tonight), I've got to write up 6 labs for chem, do 3 homework assignments again for chem, due tomorrow, then my chem final is on thursday. Tonight was my econ final. I'm tird.
I'll look into this tomorrow, it can't be anything big, but it's time for bed. :boring:
G said:
but it's time for bed. :boring:
Pshaw. I wish. I'm taking a flipping break because my hand is going to fall off. I have done more longhand writing in the past two days that I ever did in high school. Ugh. Serves me right for waiting until 2 days before it's due to start my lab manual.
Online too long!:lol: That's funny!:biglaugh: No, really, that's some good material!:roflmao:
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