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Yes! a New Thread For all the POst whores Who want to talk Subies!!!

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Ok!!! How the Fuck do you install a CAI without having to remove the Fender?! I thought about taking the Wheel off and the plastic protector around the wheel well...Wait did I answer my own question?! dude I tried to put on my CAI but shit It was a fucking pain in the ASS! (I think it would help if I know what the fuck I'm doing too!!! Naw, it takes all the fun out of it!) No really I have a pretty good Idea how this shit goes but nevertheless it is a fucking Bitch to install it!!
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You know, you guys are in Southern California, you don't have RAIN, what are you worried about? ;)

i know that was a joke, but that no rain thing is such a stereotype. didn't you watch the long beach grand prix? it was so overcast.

and it just rained on monday. if you want someplace sunny, move to arizona.
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