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Yes! a New Thread For all the POst whores Who want to talk Subies!!!

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Ok!!! How the Fuck do you install a CAI without having to remove the Fender?! I thought about taking the Wheel off and the plastic protector around the wheel well...Wait did I answer my own question?! dude I tried to put on my CAI but shit It was a fucking pain in the ASS! (I think it would help if I know what the fuck I'm doing too!!! Naw, it takes all the fun out of it!) No really I have a pretty good Idea how this shit goes but nevertheless it is a fucking Bitch to install it!!
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[email protected] SUBARU said:
Do you always have problems getting things into holes? instuctions for you.
Nope I'm a natural at it!!!!!:happynow:
Dude Right the Fuck on!!! thanks for all the help! wow I guess it really does help if you're a post whore!!!!
obsidian said:
Fuck! I helped you??
Heh. Glad I could actually provide something constructive.

Obsidian: Whore with a Cause
No actually you didn't but I'd figure I'll told you did to make you feel good!!!!
I still don't know how to take out the bumper I know there is some clips that hold in the bumper which I think I fucked up already!:curse: trying to take them out Hey Sean! do you guys stock those?! (bumper clips)
FRAKK's2.5 said:

No actually you didn't but I'd figure I'll told you did to make you feel good!!!!
Maybe I should take some Engrish Lesson and learn how to put sentences that make some fucking sence(the Sean Syndrome!)...what I ment was "I'd figure I'll tell to make you feel better..."
(desperatly in need for some metal help)
[email protected] SUBARU said:
I have done the AEM and INJEN set ups on the WRX and have never had to take the bumper off. I can't beleive that that guy took his bumper off for that. I though maybe the old car was different, if it's the same I would not go through all that!!
What would yuo suggest then Mr. Smarty Pants!!!!!!:p Naw! really what would be your expert input? I guess the easiest way to approach this Keep in mind I'm like you I suck about doing stuff to cars you cain't spell for Shyotttt!!!:p
obsidian said:

So you insult sean twice by saying not only can he not spell but sucks at car stuff all while asking for help?? :run:
Have you read my reply!!!!!! I suck at doing stuff to cars and you suck at spelling!If you are going to whore do it in style...Sean you know I'm only fucking 'round right?!...I'm a idiot when it comes down to cars...!
Ok let me rephrase the insult You know cars but can't spell me I can spell (sometimes) but Know Dick about cars...Is that better for you Richard:curse: ??????? said:

I'd actually disagree with that statement. When you go fast, you risk pushing a LOT of water under your fenders, and you'll get more water in your intake, saturating the element, as well as water everywhere else.

By going fast you risk splashing water into your engine compartment, and depending on how cold the water is, and how much gets up there, you can crack your engine block (the sudden cooling of the metal). You also risk losing control, soaking your brakes enough that their power is greatly diminished, soaking your engine electrical system (read: stalls your engine) and then getting stuck.

If the water is lower than your intake, go nice and slow, so as not to splash. If the water level is higher than your intake, go another direction! :D
Thanks that really does help a lot!!!!
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[email protected] SUBARU said:
I've haven't waisted my time by reading all you guyses rants.........
you can install kthe intake by removing the plastic under the bumper and fender well.

Water injestion........ you would have to sumerge(i know) the intake to have a problem. The little amount of water you might get into the inner fender well will not be a problem. Look at my intake I have never had any problems with it. The older cars with mass air sen. could have problems with the water actually messing up the sensor do to water ingestion.

Did that help at all??
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You...but I'd figure I do a little @$$ kissing (hoping to get a good deal:devil: ) since I'm planing to get my sway bars from you and since you probably be the one installing them...:p :happynow:
Just Kiddin':D
Well harder in the sense that there are (I would assume) more parts to be moved and since I already have an intake in place is not hard firguring out the things, (bumper or wheel protective cover) but to install the sway bars I need to put my car on Jacks and that I don't have which is where you come in, and plus since I more than likely be there to buy the' things why not! right?!
Hey Arthur!! I hate to keep on beating around the bush with this thing I appreciate the input..!I went ahead and installed the CAI and I didn't have to take the bumper off!!! It was rather easy actually!! all I did was removed the front left wheel took out the Mud-guard or whatever you would call it and installed the Tubing piece of cake!!! an I did all of this with...a toothpick! while having my hands tied behind my back hanging from my feet!!! wait! I didn't do that! anyway it was a pretty easy install really it took me a while but hey now I know...:happynow: Hey by the way This Injen CAI rocks dude very noticesable (Sean syndrome again!) difference thanks! Dude!

Rich! I recommend Injen! you'll feel the difference really!!! :p
obsidian said:
Sweet. How's the sound? Didn't you have something before? How does it compare?
It sounds Meaner and Deeper! Dude I think makes a great difference if you have an exhaust to go with it...I'm telling you the sound it's fucking bad ass!!! Yes! I had a Weapon R intake! and I can tell the difference between the two! nothing against Weapon R I think they got their shit straight I just wished I would've gone with Injen Instead!!
[email protected] SUBARU said:
. But remember noise does not equal power. I just thought I would throw that in.
I know!!! MR. Smarty Pants!!!
obsidian said:
From whose factory? Sean's World of Big Ass Rally Lights factory?
:biglaugh: :lol: :roflmao:
YAY!!!! POST WHORES>>>>>>>
Yes!! just like the thread states for all of those who would like to talk Subies...Ok then here is one I'm a up and coming wannabe race car driver I need a substantial amount of money to start my what appears to be a properous career in motorsports...with that said there I've started a new foundation
"Let's Invest your money on Frakk's2.5 ride so we can make him a race car driver that way he'll shut the fuck up foundation" believe me all your donations will go to a good cause and your money won't be wasted...I will have living proof think of it as a future investment.
Re: Re: Yes! a New Thread For all the POst whores Who want to talk Subies!!!

obsidian said:

That's a great cause and I would love to donate!! Only problem is ... your driving sucks!

Hey your $0.02's are not helping me PAL!!!!!!!!:p
[email protected] SUBARU said:
Frakk, you stole this Idea. There is a web site where someone is getting donations to get a STI wrx.
Pic of Frakk's race team and driving instructures!!
I stole this Idea!!!!!!!!!!!! that's proposterous!!!!! absurb!!!! ridiculous!!!!...I'm very original!!!!! that's why I drink pepsi the choice of the new generation...(I hope you get the joke):curse:
I'm actually insulted you would make a comment like that and I know how to drive!!!!!!!!!!:curse: Not fast but I know how to drive so there:p :rolleyes:
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