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I used to be real big into drumming, but it would seem that it's kinda taken a backseat for a while, plus I need some cash to help pay for my car, so I decided to sell my beloved drumset.

It's a Mapex Pro M 5 piece in sky blue. All maple shells
Virgin Bass 24x18
Snare 14x8
Rack tom 14x10
Floor tom 16x16
Floor tom 18x16

Also a porkpie 14x5.5 Acrylic w/Black hardware Piglite snare. Right now, this drums snares are on the mapex snare, and the mapex snare's snare wires are badly damaged, so you would need to drop $20 on a new set of snares

All stock heads except on the mapex snare which has a aquarian hi-energy coated dot over aquarian classic clear reso head.

2x sonor boom stands
1x misc. boom stand
1x yamaha snare stand
1x yamaha hi-hat(second best available, I decided to save money and get the three leg instead of two because I don't use a double pedal)
1x pulse bass pedal
all stands and hardware that came with the drums. (rims, lugs, tom rack, tom legs, snare stand

Cymbals, misc wahun and no-name cymbal. (Wahuns have been altered by me to give a more favorable tone)

I would consider any of the following. Wheel/tires(teamdynamics rally 1 would be great) Coilovers and other suspension bits, Borla UEL Headers->HFcat->Blitznurspec, parts to do the auto trans->manual trans swap. +cash depending on quality of everything.

Will also sell outright for a more then fair price for all of this of $1000 considering I've speant over $2,000 to get all of this new. The drums themselves came in at just under $1,300.
(none of the electronics are for sale, not the throne or sticks)

more recent pic

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