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Im looking to trade my Samsung yp-k5 2g mp3 player for a larger mp3 player. Im looking for at least 10g+ and i will include cash if need be. I bought this just for gym workouts which its treated me great . My Omnifi is broken for my car and im sick of cds so i want a mp3 player big enough for all my songs , 2gigs inst cutting it :). Ive had this mp3 for about a year now, orginally spent 180 on it.

About the YP-K5
-Holds just about two gigs of music
-Has a FM radio
-You can upload photos
-Flips open to speakers, which are pretty loud + clear.
-SEXY design, beats those generic looking ipods :)
-Barley any scratches screen is a tiny bit worn

Whats included:
- 2gig YP-k5 w/ original box
- Protective case with clip (cant flip screen open with this)
-Original headphones (sounded GREAT, but they are missing the rubber things on the end, cant find where to get new ones :( )
-Cheapo JVC jelly headphones, sound a little crappy when fully turned up, but it works
-Charging cable that goes from USB -> mp3 player

The pic i used inst the actual object, i will get some later. Anyone questions feel free to reply / pm.

Thanks for looking

PS: Here's a review w/ video
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