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2001 STM Sedan
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I'm up for trades and this will be hard to do since I've had the car for so long but it runs
I have had this car for a long time and I am starting to feel like its time for me to move on and get something a little more comfy and bigger. This has been my baby since 54k and It now has 144,000 miles on the clock. The motor has had a full top end rebuild at 100k along with headgaskets, timing belt, ALL seals, and belts. This car has been meticulously maintained and has LOTS of aftermarket modifications that any suave subaru guy would appreciate. The only bad things I can think of would be the front bumper cover has a crack ( last winter, jerk in a parking lot, really cold.) The ABS light is on because it has a bad sensor in the hub which in my opinion is better turned off anyway and the Check engine light is on but because the catalitic converter isn't efficient enough for the computer. Which again doesn't bother me or the motor for that matter. Both O2 sensors are new and work great. Passenger side door lock isn't working, and window motor is slowly going out (still works) (AFR gauge) I consistently get 29+ HWY ans 24+Town mileage. So other than that stuff its in good shape for being 11+years old. Heres the list and I can promise you I'll be leaving out a handful of stuff. Oh- and the title is CLEAN!

4 front end fog lights (HELLA brand) with 100w phillips bulbs
2 grill lights with 100w sylvannia bulbs
6000k HID headlights
Eye shadowed lens liners
Spec corner lights (no amber)
Spec turn signals
smoked fender lights
Impreza Red badge on fenders
Professionally pulled fenders for wider rims and tires (225+)
Silver on black hood with red pin striping
Modded hood scoop
Advan 18x7 polished aluminum wheels ( 38 offset) super rare wheels only made for one year.
Factory RS wheels with X ice snow tires black on red
Brand new cooper low profile tires ($750)
Factory tint windows
RS side skirts
GENUINE PRODRIVE RB5 Wing ( extremely rare)
Lowered 2.5 front and back (sits so good with those Advans)
22B hood vents

STI carpet
WRX 2003 Seats
Gauge Piller
EQUUS Volt and AFR running on a factory 5 wire wideband
brand new Kenwood deck with aux
Pyle speakers with component tweaters in the door
500W AMP
JL W3 with a bolted down box
Matched head liner to black and pillar plastics to match dash (instead of gray) (also rare)
sun roof Track needs adjusted
MOMO steering wheel
Has the Carbon LE package

Front and Rear Strut bars
Rear whiteline 22-24 Adjustable sway bar
Whiteline solid end links on front and back
Poly bushings
20mm Front sway bar
whiteline flat 4 coilovers with adjustable dampers (corner balanced and leveled)
Subaru WRX TR front brake calipers (RARE) (4pots)
Brembo blanks on front and back both new with in the last year
Carbon Kevlar(aramid) Pads ( braking power increases when hot)
225/40/18R tires brand new (coopers)
Solid trans and engine mounts
TWE short shifter and billet knob (made by me on a lathe)
2003 WRX TRANS with LSD rear end
Exedy Stage 1 clutch
All fluids are Redline synthetic
K&N intake
Borla headers
Stromung Catback (XA Mid pipe)
NGK Laser plats
New wires
Ported manifold plenums

Thats all I can think of at the moment. Its been a great car and a blast to drive in the winter and I can promise you, you'll never have anyone tell you that your car sucks. This thing gets lots of looks and more compliments than I could have imagined. A good, clean RS is hard to come by and it very Rare to see done right. Then engine runs strong and I can promise you it will continue to go for a very long time as long as it is maintained properly like a car should be and not neglected. i.e (OIL CHANGES WHEN IS SUPPOSED TO BE CHAGNGED!!!!) Sorry, I used to work at O'Reilly's and you wouldn't believe the people that think oils good for 5,000 miles... Anyway I'm not a fan of younger crowds, So if you in highschool and think this would be a fun car get lost. I'm not about to get rid of my girl so you can beat the crap out of it. SECOND

2001 Honda CBR F4i 600cc
This bike is one of a kinda just like the subaru. These are not easy to find but hell they ride great and are a good bike for someone looking for a comfy sport bike and great looks. I've had only F4i's since I was 19 and I'll tell ya what, it never ceases to please. This particular honda motor has impressed me beyond belief. Search for F4i 200,000 mile motor... Mine has 26k Oil changed with mobil 1 synthetic every 2500. It has Corbin front and read seat, no ugly stickers on the bike, only a clean red pin stripe, smoked windscreen, HID 6000k Headlights, Superbike grips, Anodized bar ends. Flush mount signals that are LED and smoked as well, Rear fender eliminator, Super rare two brothers high mount carbonfiber exhaust, K and N drop in filter. New brake pads in the front, Put on a New Fuel Pressure Reg this summer, new plugs, checked valves, cleaned filter, changed coolant. This bike runs great. I love it but ever since my back surgery it just doesn't feel as good to ride. Plus, lets be honest, its not exactly the safest thing to ride around on ;). The bad: left fork seal started seeping, Have new ones in hand just havent' installed them, Rotors might need turned in the front. Could used a new rear tire (commuting to spokane everyday last year killed the battlax that is on it. Has the normal wear and tear of an 11 yr old bike. Previous owner downed it on seltice, only cosmetic damage but the majority has been replaced by me minus the smaller scrapes on the upper. So minor the picture barely shows it. NO clutch casing replacement and no bent bars or anything. so don't even try to pull out the "its been laid down card" it looks great to me and everyone else i've showed it to. Other than that its a fantastic ride it comes with a helmet and THE FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL... RARE!
Pic doens't have the TWO BROS on it
Heres what I'm looking for. I don't necessarily want cash, I want a more comfortable ride that gets decent gas mileage and looks and performs great. Things I'd be interested in trading for both would include
2006-2007 WRX TR or Wagon 5spd with no mods or light mods
2005 and up Forester XT or LEGACY GT 5spd or triptronic 5spd
Potentially an older wrx. NO BUGEYES
I would expect your title to be clean as well since both of mine are
No lein, bank title bullcrap either.
IF you have something else that might be interesting to me I'll entertain just about anything, Ill do my best to be polite.
I am super busy these days to if I can't meet up right away or dont answer back quickly don't take it personal
I like toyota trucks and diesels as well...
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY AND NO JOYRIDES Must have a riders endorsment or permit as well
great as well as the bike. Email me for more details [email protected]
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