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2001 rs coupe, 2005 Saab 92x
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Just testing the waters here as I'm pretty particular on what I'll take in trade.

I'm looking for a 2000 + BMW 3 series wagon. MUST be manual with a black interior. I'd prefer silver but I'm open to other colors.
Possibly a '66 Corvair Corsa (turbo) a late '60s-early70's Datsun 510 coupe, or a 1975 Celica GT. Possibly even a VW type 3 notch back
I'll also consider a Lexus IS300, also must be manual with black interior (and no yellow or champagne/beige paint.)

What I have to trade:

2001 Impreza RS coupe. 150K + on the engine but runs like a top.

I can get the exact milage but I swapped out to a Japanese cluster that has the tachometer in the correct place :) I'd just have to do some math as I have the old cluster still and the KM of the new one when I installed it written down somewhere.

  • FHI 4 & 2 pot calipers.
  • FHI 20mm rear sway bar
  • ACT Racelite Flywheel
  • Borla Headers
  • Prodrive axle back
  • 5zigen springs
  • Bilstein b6 struts (rebuildable)
  • DIY 3 point front strut bar
  • Cusco style rear strut bar
  • 2005 Impreza steering wheel with working airbag & cruise control
  • 2009 WRX front seats (modified so they will go further forward for rear entry :biglaugh:
  • 2004 WRX rear seats with passthrough
  • Home made short shifter with knock off Spoon Sports knob
  • JDM flat fuel door
  • Stock RS wheels with Kumho SPT tires (evenly worn with lots of tread)

  • JDM Aluminum hood
  • Enkei Tarmac ESs with Yokoham Sdrive tires
  • EJ22T (closed deck) block with crank and STI rods (unassembled)
  • EJ205 heads, manfold, turbo, intercooler, (everything off of an EJ205 except the short block)
  • Spare RS bulkhead/chassis harness
  • 2002/2003 WRX bulkhead harness, engine harness, fuel controller, PS pump & lines
  • legacy turbo cross member
  • Stock front & rear RS seats in great shape
  • Spare front & rear rotors (for 4/2 pot application)
  • 2 spare trunk lids (both wingless)

There's probably more than I'm forgetting.

Current look:

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