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So today I'm coming home from work, and it's nice, so I have the sunroof open. Then some dumb-ass woman who apparantly doesn't know the differnece between gas and diesel pulls out from a gas station in her(?) Chevy 2wd 1/2 ton gas truck that was obviously burning diesel and smoking like a frieght train. Since I can't stand the smell of diesel, I tried to put my HVAC on recirculate to reduce the fumes inside my car, and the lever won't go to recirc. After pulling hard on it, I got it into the recirc position, and as soon as I let it go, it popped back to fresh air, like the cable was binding. It tried it 2 more time, and the same thing, it would pop out of recirc.

Since I had the radio etc out a couple of weeks ago when I put my Autometer gauges in, I figured one of the wires was catching in the cable, so no big deal, I'll fix it when I get home. When I got home, I tried it, and it worked fine...WTF, maybe the wire moved? So later I'm out driving again with the top open about 65mph, and it won't move again... close the top and it works fine.
Is there some sort of wierd air current through the HVAC case with the top open that won't let the fresh air door close? :confused:

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I've had a car do that, and it's because the vacuum created by the open sunroof pulls so much air through the vent that when you pull the lever, the force of the air pushes to little air passage door open! You're talking a big 3 foot wide vacuum vs. a little 3 inch plastic door. Guess which one wins? :lol:

Solution - close the sunroof/windows.
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