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WTF: Headlight Accents

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Ok. I've done many searches on this, I'm not finding the right keywords so I need help. I want the tinted acctents that go around the headlight and corner light. I've been looking everywhere for them and I can't find them. Please help.
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tinted accents?

Tinted accents? You talking about the eyebrows? The plastic pieces that go across the top of both the headlight and the corner lights? Ive never heard anything about tinted accents so let me know what exactly your looking for. If it IS the eyebrows then check out and let me know cuz I have a set that I'd be willing to part with for a small fee.
No I'm talking about the tint that surrounds the lights and tints the corner lights.
You mean the headlight covers that have CF-style trim?
I think he is referring to the section around the light like the housing IIRC someone on the board with a black RS painted it black and It didn’t look half bad
Doh! It goes around the headlights. It just borders the outside edges and comes in about 1/2". I've seen pics of them before and I can't find them.
RS_NW, check out this post and look at the pictures(the headlights mainly)... this may be what your looking for.. I don't know though
That is the Thread I was talking about good searching Moss :sunny:
Heh, I did start that thread, so it was kind within arms reach. :) I was going to get those covers, but I backed out. I just didn't like how they looked!

Yes, yes yes!!!:eek: I've been looking for them everywhere. Mcdade from I-Club. I wonder if he still has them.
Yea, McDade is the guy. I was going to buy the CF ones from him, but we put them on my car, and I just didnt like how they looked. So, I didn't buy them, bought the clear fog covers though :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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