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2018 subaru forester xt
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Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy a gc8.

Price: open

Ideally located <= 7 hours from winchester Virginia 22603. Or at least meet me within that distance. I am open to shipping a car if your open to negotiating the cost. ( for reference I recently shipped my cars from CA to VA and It averaged 1800 per car )

Looking for a running car. Minimal to zero rust. Modded or stock.

My dream find: 2001 2dr 2.5 rsti roughly 100k miles on chassis no rust, less than 40k on the swap 350+hp.

Or same thing just bone stock

My reality: anything that isn't a rust bucket heh..

Show me what you got, worst case I say no

(Yes I can see the cars listed for sale on this forums)


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Good luck with your search... I don't know of many in the area other than mine currently that are in any decent condition.

I've seen a few up in NY and out west, but not many.

-- Dave
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