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Im just on the prowl for a new daily driver here and the Impreza's have always interested me but i can never find one to buy whenever im new car shopping. Just trying again.

Looking for any Impreza (coupe, sedan, wagon) that runs fine with as little rot as possible with a manual tranny. Id take a basic 1.8 AWD Brighton if anyone had a beater one for sale, for example. I dont really want a loaded one with every option. This is only going to be a fun little beater.

For trades i have a very clean '87 Subaru GL turbo wagon (selling for $1750) and a clean (with a few minor issues) '83 Suzuki GS650 motorcycle (worth about a grand). Cash wise I have about $1500-$2000 unless one of my other toys sells so thats my budget.

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