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99 Coupe
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Looking for

-Clutch (new or in good shape)
-Clutch slave (w/stainless line if poss.)
-Bomex aero spoiler
-Syms or replica grill
-99+ lights, clear signals and corners
-White Solid fog light covers
-Sunroof delfector
-"Ti" shift knob
-Bride Ergo or Gias seat
-Aluminum Rad
-ANY EG33 parts
-Bugeye lip kit with center section (preferably in white but doesnt matter)

I have an EJ25 complete for $1200, and a EJ20 block with soft #3 for $250. Im working on a big project so if anyone has anything i might be interested in let me know, im looking for things to give the car attitude without being to obnoxious or ricey...
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