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2000 SRP 2.5RS Sedan
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Hello, I've been a long time lurker and apparantly somebody else has taken my main name (yman), anyways, the wife and I have had 4 Subaru's and I recently sold my STI thinking it was the responsible thing to do (recently separated from the military, attending college at ASU) and ever since our 92 Miata became my DD I've just been sad. I love Subarus, from the Baja to the Outbacks to the RS to the GL wagons. But I think for me right now, a GC 2.5RS would be perfect. Decent on gas, reliable N/A 2.5 and just enough fun/good looks to make wearing all these Subaru sweaters/shirts worth wearing

If you have a GC 2.5RS or other fun, good looking Subaru with a clean title between $3k-5k I would be happy to purchase it from you. I'll take good care of it just like I do with all my cars, full detailing/maintenance and it will only sleep in the garage and attend all kinds of Subaru meets and make a college kid/former Marine very happy :help:

$3k-5k, cash in hand.

Must have:
Manual Transmission
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