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I know this probably isn't the best place to ask, but I figured I would try anyway. These were optional wheels for 2000 (I think that was the first year for the optional wheels) to 2002 Forester L models. They are super ugly, but now that I know they exist, I want them (just like that stupid compass pack...although the compass pack is way cooler). They are in several junkyards throughout the US, but none are in a location that makes them practical to buy considering I paid only $600 for the Forester in the first place. I'm located in NJ.

Though, the main reason I want them is that I hate using a different offset than what is currently on the car (it's kind of stupid, I know). Since it was a factory option, I am assuming the offset is 48, but I think these same wheels were also available for some other model that runs a 55 offset. If anyone knows definitely that they are not 48 offset, I'll just give up and get a set of those 15" Legacy Wheels, which I think are better looking. Or, if you think I should get the Forester S wheels (16") instead, let me know. Or if you think I should just keep the steel wheels, let me know that too lol.

Forester Wheels.jpg
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