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Over the last few months I have been collecting parts for my engine build. I have a EJ22T short block and some DOHC EJ25 heads from a 97 LGT. My car is a 96 L with a ej22e with an auto trans which will be replaced with the 99 RS manual trans that I have. Goals are 300/300 with a VF34 or VF39. Now I was pretty set on running standalone EM since of my combination of heads and block, but only recently found out that the best tuner in my city now tunes open source for subies, which has intrigued my interest in doing a WRX "swap" so just heads, intake, wiring and ecu.

Now my questions follow:

1. From the reading I've been doing, EJ22T pistons and EJ25 DOHC heads result in low comp ratio, 7.7:1 i think. WRX heads have a smaller combustion chamber? and therefore raise comp ratio so I could use EJ22T pistons? I'd like between 8 to 9:1

2. Wiring in the WRX swap will be more or less difficult then a standalone?

3. Any other suggestions?!?

Looking forward to your suggestions!


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