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WRX STI Version 3
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JDM WRX STI Version 3 1997

The Original EJ20K Put a rod through the block but it lasted for 98,000kms so cant really complain.
So ive built this one up, its on just under 4000 miles / 6500kms now and handling everything ive through at it very well.

Last time on the Dyno we set up the Low boost map and it managed 428hp @ 1.3 Bar/19psi. (Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer which usually measure about 12% down on Dynojet So circa 480hp dyno jet equivelant.) Then it started blowing the spark out.

So uprated the ignition and Live road mapped since to 2.0bar / 29psi Will get it on the Dyno again later in the year and see what its making
I built it to a 650hp spec so should handle the power well / "Safely" (famous last words lol)

Built for high boost with a 8:0:1 Compression Ratio
Genuine STI EJ20G Full Closed deck block machined and rebored to 92.5mm
Wossner 92.5 Forged Pistons (Model 9050D050 29105-18)
Carrillo CP Forged Pro H Conrods
Manley Billet Crank
ACL Bearings
RCM Head Gaskets
RCM Extreme Head Studs
STI 11mm Oil pump
Cosworth Timing belt Idlers & Tensioners + Added later model additional idler
Genuine Subaru Water pump
RCM Lightweight Pulleys
Advanced Automotives Thermostat
Genuine Subaru sensors Cam/Crank/Coolant/Oil
Samco Hose kit throughout.
Genuine STI Version 3 Heads Machined & Ported
Genuine STI Version 3 Cams
Cosworth Valve Springs & Retainers
Supertech Inlet & Exhaust Valves, Shims & Buckets

RCM Halfmoons
RCM Power steering relocation kit
PCV Delete
Full AC Delete
RCM Magnetic Sump plug
RCM 10mm Intake manifold Lift Thermal Spacers
RCM Intake Manifold Gaskets
External Oil Seperator/Breather kit
RCM Rocker cover gaskets & bolts

Hardrace Engine Mounts
RCM Baffled Sump

Wheels Brakes & Suspension:
Tein Flex Z Coilovers
ASP Black Discs
Mintex F4R Pads
HEL Braided Lines
Whiteline 22mm Front anti roll bar
Whiteline Front Droplinks
Whiteline Front Poly Bushes
Whiteline 24mm Rear Anti roll bar
Whiteline Rear Droplinks
Whiteline Rear Poly Bushes
Whiteline Gold Front ARB locks
STI Carbon fibre strut brace
STI Rebuilt Calipers
Blacked out Genuine 16" STI Lightweight wheels

Apexi Power Intake Filter
Viper Silicone Initial intake
Samco Group N Turbo intake
Garrett GT3076 Turbo
Turbosmart Actuator
Apexi 3 Bar Map sensor
Apexi 3 port boost solenoid
Equal Length Headers
Custom up pipe
3" Downpipe
Veilside 3.5" 1 piece titanium exhaust (prototype 1 of 3 )
Large Bar&Plate Black edition Front Mount Intercooler

Fuel System:
Walbro in tank pump
Braided fuel lines
Injector Dynamic 1050x/1065cc Injectors
RCM Billet Fuel Rails
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
Sytec Billet filter

NGK IX Iridium Spark Plugs
Magnecor 8.5mm Ignition Lead
Genuine STI Coil pack

Engine Management/Electronics:
Apexi Power FC ECU W/Hand commander
Apexi AVC-R
Datalogit/FC Hako/FC Edit USB Hookup in Glovebox
Armtech Antilag,Launch Control & Flatshift module.
AEM Wideband O2 Gauge Kit

PPG Straight Cut 5 speed Gearbox
RCM 4kg Lightweight Flywheel
Competition Race Clutch
Strengthened Gearbox Casing
Hardrace mounts & Dogbone
HEL Braided Clutch hose

Carbon Fibre boot lid
Rear Wing Delete
Roof Vortex Generator
Genuine STI Side Skirts
Rear Under Diffuser
P1 Front Lip spoiler
HID/LED/Halo Head Lights
Rear Wiper Delete
Smoked Side indicators
Tinted Windows

Engine - Redline High Performance 10w50 Synthetic
Gearbox / Diff - RED LINE LightWeight ShockProof Gear Oil 75w-90

Other Notes:
Replaced Filler neck with Genuine Subaru part.
Full Interior still in place
Boot has been emptied of all interior parts spare wheel etc
MOMO Steering wheel
Removed Coolant lines to IACV & TB
Removed Charcoal Canister
Removed Original Boost Solenoids
Rear Spoiler delete




WRX STI Version 3
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will add more pics in the next couple weeks but anyone wanting to follow my build please check instagram : M666SHM , whats everyone using for photo hosting these days since photobucket chucked it ? ,

In hand waiting to install i have garrret GT3076 - Parralel fuel rails with 750cc injectors braided hoses etc, AEM FPR & Z32 MAF , so should be even more fun to drive soon.

WRX STI Version 3
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RCM Light weight Flywheel 5kg+ weight reduction

RCM Lightweight Crank pulley (4kg+ weight reduction / 10kg+ overall weight reduction on rotational mass including light weight crank pulley below, engine revs quickly and freely)


WRX STI Version 3
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Engine bay a couple weeks ago vf23 turbo / standard fuel setup

engine bay after removing manifold / turbo to fit Garrett GT3076 + Uprated fuel system, AEM FPR, 750cc Injectors etc.

Engine bay after Garrett GT3076 Install + Uprated fuel system


WRX STI Version 3
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cars all back up and running again now , just waiting on the breather kit arriving and a few odds and sods and will get some more pics up, feel free to follow on instagram @ M666SHM as will be adding them to there then hot linking them
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