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Woohoo! I'm here too.

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It's all good now the tire slut has arrived :ROFLMAO:
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Yeah and who can we blame for that?

I believe that it is your fault.

I know it but I figured with the new england guys that were on here I didn't want them to give the rest of us a bad name so I enlisted some help.

Welcome! newbie. hehe...

guess who can take blame for me being here..

Lotta the ole guys showin up,,,,,,,,,welcome aboard
Welcome, rookies!:p
heh, Kicked your ass on this board Fishy :)
It gives us a new chance to have Fishy as a newbie...

:flame: Damn Texas Folk:biglaugh:
with you on that one..


I don't think I'll be a regular here, I've barely enough time to keep an eye on you jerks on the I-club.

don't think I'll have the time to be here also.
Well I'll make sure to badmouth you and let everyone know what a jerk you are! :p :D j/k

Then they will all come attack you on I-club!

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Like I don't already get attcked for less than that.

geez :stinky:
Yeah, but I'm just kidding...

As a moderator, you are automatically labled Asshole...

Me, I could give a shite, you are just doing your duty to god and your country... oops, that's some Boy Scout propaganda! :lol:

Moderators vs. Normal I-clubbers=:boxer:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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