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it finally stopped raining and dried up just long enough for me to go to my favorite undisclosed top secret parking lot testing ground with the a'pex RSM installed, and get some idea of the accelerating/braking/lateral forces my car can generate. :D

suspension: H&R's on KYB GR2's, cusco front and rear strut braces

brakes: STi 4 pistons (stock STi pads & rotors)

wheel/tire combo: MY99 5 spokes, running 205/55/16 sumitomo HTRZ's

lateral G testing proceedure: reset and calibrated the g-sensor on level ground. turned wheel all the way to lock, and accelerated smoothly until the tires started to break traction. 5 runs were made clockwise, 5 were made counter clockwise. highest and lowest values were thrown out, of the 3 remaining, the highest number from the clockwise and counter clockwise runs were averaged together, and 0.02g subtracted, to make sure that any slight discrepancy that could be caused by the sensor was eliminated. the natural slant of the road and vehicle load can sometimes register 0.01-0.02 on the meter, so i'm erring on the side of being conservative, and subtracting 0.02 from the final average.

uncorrected, measured lateral acceleration was 0.95g. yes i know this isn't as scientific as a skidpad, but oh's better than no data at all...

0.95-0.02 = 0.93g (stock WRX ~ 0.85)

acceleration was measured in a 0-50mph run, keep in mind i don't have TONS of room to work here, so i kept it only to a highly illegal speed in an abandoned parking lot. all in the name of safety. ;) 0-50 is probably unneccesary, since the highest numbers are registered in 1st gear.

acceleration (1.8L) = 0.46g :( (stock WRX ~ 0.65)

deacceleration was a hard 50-0 stop. if the brakes locked or the car skidded, the run would be thrown out, but fortunately that was never a problem. i'm sure i could get this a little bit higher with a couple more tries...

braking = 0.98g :D (stock WRX ~ 0.90)

all in all, it was quite the educational experience...a bad day for generating power, but good for generating grip. since there aren't any performance specs out there for a '94 FWD impreza (imagine that), i just compared them to WRX specs that i could find. if anyone else has any they'd like to post, or wants to shoot mine full of holes, feel free. ;) this little gizmo seems pretty accurate as far as acceleration times go, and it needs to use the same sensor, so i think it works right...
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