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Women Who Rock: My gf can now drive manual.

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She never even tried before and I taught her in about 45 min! No burnt up clutch smell or anything. "OK, what do I do now?" "Put on your seatbelt and drive home!" And I was afraid I'd need a new clutch after teaching her!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, she's back up at school, and I sure as hell am NOT letting my car go live up outside of Boston for the week. Besides my fragile ego might be damaged by driving her Sentra all week.

Now to teach my brother, he'll be more of a challenge I think. Besides, he's pissed! He can't drive my car and my mother won't lend him her TS 5spd (that she bought after she drove my RS for a while).
Um, no---borrowing the TS for that!:D

My pedal pads are too close together (nice heal-toe setup) and the short shifter is too, erm, wierd I think. The bonestock TS that's still under warranty will do just fine.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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