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Wire harness from dealer?

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Has anyone ever bought a wire harness from the dealer?

I had my local subaru tune shop call the dealership to try to get a price and a part number and they never called the shop back with the info.

They contacted the dealership a few times and they told them they were having trouble finding info on it because the car was rare.

Is it possible to get a harness from the dealer?
Has anyone done it before?
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I jsut called the dealer, and they told me $720.00 for bulkhead harness.

Whats the bulkhead harness?
Oh P/N is 81433FA210
The main part under the dash. What harness do you need?
The main part under the dash, that hooks to the ECU and to the engine harness.

its the MAP sensor signal wire that has a short in my harness, and its a shielded wire so i cant just replace it.

I have been searching for a used harness here and on nasioc and no one has one thats not hacked up or damaged
hahah I live in southern AZ.

Subarus are rare, 2.5RS's are as rare as a Ferrari here.
If you can find the short you can fix it. It's not that big of a deal.
well i know the short is between the firewall and the ECU. and its not close to the ECU.

1) I cant fine shielded wire anywhere
2) The last owner reall messed up this harness so i dont know what other surprises are waiting for me
3) He tried to install a PP6 and blew a fuse (he thought the ECU was fried), and lef the harness looking like this

Id rather just get a new one
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The harness looks like this after i fixed it, but i need to get rid of that short, but no one sells shielded wire
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IAperformance ( does some wiring harness related work that involves shielded wires. The only places I could find the shielded cabling from required bulk orders. I would ask if they offer any harness repair services and/or parts.


They are local here is Tucson, AZ. I personally know the owner of IA performance.

I have been talking to them and they have no clue where to get the wire.

They are also the company that originally called the dealer and they couldn't get a quote from them.
NVM just talked to the owner or IA and he told me exactly where to get the wire.

You can get some from a scrap harness. PM GT Imports I'm sure there is some there. However, because of the crap done before it might be better to replace the whole thing if you can afford it.

Like for some reason, none of the door lock actuators work.

I haven't investigated because its not that important to me right now, but i could be because of the wiring.

Like for some reason, none of the door lock actuators work.

I haven't investigated because its not that important to me right now, but i could be because of the wiring.
I assume you checked all the fuses? If you have there should be a box right above the inside fusebox that controls that stuff. See if it's there and plugged in.
it had a security system that worked, but its missing the horn so it will arm itself, and the alarm will go off, but it wont chirp, and it wont lock the doors.

Non of the door switches work or the key fobs.

And no i havent checked the fuses, because i have been trying to replace the harness.

That was going to be my step after i got the new harness.

I got a new shielded wire from a local electronics company, I think the gauge is a little smaller, but im going to try to replace it and see what happends.

Im still trying to get the gas out of it because im pretty sure its been sitting for a year and a half and is bad.
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