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Hey everyone, if you were in the CNJ car scene a couple years ago you may remember that there was a winter meet at the freehold raceway mall. It had snowed the night before and the morning of, and everyone wanted to know if it was still on. Well it was and if you were there, you can attest to that it was crazy and epic. Good news! We're trying to set ANOTHER one up.

January 15th 2012 will be the "1st Meet of the Year"

Any and All Cars are welcome this is being posted on every forum that myself and friends are members of, so feel free to post on your forum should there not be a thread already made.

This is going on whether is Snowing or is Clear out. The only time it'll be canceled is if it is raining because its just no fun.

The area we're going to meet is the lot between Lord & Taylor and JCPenny. If anyone has any questions post up here or in the facebook group in the link below.
1st meet of the new year! | Facebook

Hope to see a lot of people there! Already over 200 confirmed guests just on Facebook!
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