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Windshield wipers hitting window stickers...

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Anyone know of problems with window stickers on the front and windshield wipers making them peel? I got a nice decal set but didnt' want to waste it if the wipers peel it off....
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I put mine on last month. So far so good.

Granted I live in SoCal so it rains here what, never?

Makes the car look great :)

Cool... I may put mine on tomorrow then... Mudpie from Ebay makes some sweet kits...
If they interfer with your stickers you can go to your favorite auto emporium and get shorter blades.
Hmm... hadn't thought about that... I've looked into replacing the blades themselves at one point besides the dealership's damn expensive ones... time to revisit that idea. Thanks :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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