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Windshield Washers

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Anyone know how to remove windsheild washer nozzles? One of mine doesn't work so I wanna take it out.
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Umm, get it replaced.. that's warranty work.. This isn't an excuse to put the glowing blue ones in is it??? :lol:
Twist it 90 degrees, then pull it straight up. It should just be a snap-fit kind of deal. (This is how my old car worked, you might want to check first)
Better check first, my Legacy isn't like that and twisting would snap it off. Here is a link that may help if the Impreza is similar. I haven't looked at my RS's washers.

PS if I ever even think about getting washer LED's someone please kill me:flame:
OK, I got them off....

My friend has those glowing blue ones, but he never put them on his Audi... I went to his house so he could help me get the original ones off. So for shits and giggles we put in the glowing blue ones. The silver casing actually looks cool against my black hood. We tried lighting them but that was a no go, we couldn't figure how to hook them to the corner lights.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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