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I'm not sure if a database like this exists. I know that people on here have logged in endless hours swapping parts from model to model. Lets make a list of what works.

Whats fits what?


Category (Suspension, Brakes, Drivetrain, Interior.....)

-Part name (F/R Control Arms, Hubs, Lat. Links, Struts, Sway Bars, Dash, Seats, 4/2 Pots..Etc..)

-Part number or a good part source for some extra points.

-From what models to what models. (02- Wrx to 93-01 Impreza)

-Positive or negative effects (or it could be kept to only what really works)

-Any useful information about install.

I know it would take awhile to create a comprehensive index. If we start listing things in an orderly fashion, a master list could be created somewhat easily.

I think this would help a lot of people. I know a thorough suspension list would be amazing.

Let me know what you think. Better yet, start listing stuff.

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pretty good idea....but i dont think it warrants its own section...

maybe just a stickied thread that's pruned of all unnecessary posts. Say a thread in suspension section, thread in N/A section, turbo section, etc.....

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^ Agreed.

A lot of this exists on NASIOC, with Unabomber's Manifestos and things like that. But I agree that it'd be helpful to have a lot of it, here. Anybody could spearhead it, really, but it's best to have someone very technically-advanced in that given area (or all of them, if they're well-rounded).
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