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wideband AF sensor

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Want to start mapping my Emanage Ultimate, but need wideband AFR sensor.

I have a spare (old) OEM sensor that I replaced a while back, because I thought it was malfunction, but didn't change a thing....

Subaru part number 22641AA080
found on the Internet that it is a BOSCH 0258007084.
It's got 5 wires (black, white, gray, yellow and red)

Is this a wideband ? Can I wire it into my Emanage Ultimate ?

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Can the EManage link directly to an WB o2 sensor? Because WB sensors all require a specialized controll box that is often specific to the model of WB sensor in stalled. LIke the LC1 kit. Then, these control boxes often also output a 0-5v signal that can be used by a piggyback for auto-tuning and such. I don't own an EMU so I'm only guessing here, but check the inputs the EMU is expecting. If it's just a single 0-5v signal, then you will indeed need a full WB kit.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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