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Why I love my RS

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Drove into town to Papa Murphy's to pick up my pizza tonight, and when we walked in the guy at the counter asks "Hey, is that your white car outside?" to which I reply "Yeah, it is." and he says something like "That's a totally bitchin' car!!!"

When we left a few minutes later, he and his three co-workers all ran to the front of the store to watch the RS pull away. :D

Damn, I love my RS.

Nothing personal, but no one can tell me that you get that kind of attention in the WRX, now, can you? It's TOTALLY worth being 1-2 seconds slower at 0-60! :lol:
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Cool! :D I don't have many stories like that. I see a lot of people staring at my car though, I think they're just speechless. ;) Call me crazy, but I wouldn't trade my car for a brand new WRX. GC8 for life!
The guy at the store was thinking about getting a WRX (so he said) but I was a little confused - after telling me how cool my car was, why would you even think about getting anything else??? :confused:
I'm sure we all love our cars here. I just can't help driving my car everywhere. I just have to drive my car, even more that I have to. The GC8 is begs to be driven so I let it have it's wish. Boy, I'm spoiled! I guess I like the attention I get from passing up ricers who do get speechless and almost get into accidents staring my car. All I think to myself is "Did I do that?" :D 40000+ miles so far (MY00)(and half of that are city miles)
My car gets comments on how dirty it is right now. It's sooo nasty!

Nick C.
I washed mine last night so it was looking mighty sexy! :biggest:
The kid at Subway is always asking me about my car. I should start telling him about the Flux Capacitor I have hidden under the seat.
I get a lot of people asking me if my 95L is a WRX! I just say "no" instead of yelling at them, but it irritates me. I also have a lot of people assuming I have tons of power, when I don't. I haven't verified this on a dyno, but I'd make an educated guess that my car puts about 3.5 horsepower to the pavement! :curse: But it's still the best car I've owned and the only thing that would make me get rid of it is a pre-2002 RS!
I love my car. Its ugly, and its rare. I get compliments from vagabonds and yuppy folk. I look at it and just wanna get in it and drive. I don't mind the fact that its non turbo, I'll get one later. :)

Oh, and its even nicer with the JDM momo wheel i just got ;) gahahaha...!
Comments from vagabonds are the best!:drool:

Nick C.
Last year at the Camden WaterFront Dave Matthews Concert was like I was driving a damn Lambo ...All these guys walked up to me asking questions about the car...and I got a fair about of chickas askin too!:nuetron:
pwrup25RS said:

Oh, and its even nicer with the JDM momo wheel i just got ;) gahahaha...!
OOhhh gimme gimme! :D If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay? I may be able to get one for $300-350, good price?

pwrup25RS said:
I love my car. Its ugly, and its rare.
Ugly?! :confused:
Ugly compared to "sports" cars. Heheh.. ugly as a compliment.

moss..i got it as a i dunno the price! Sorry!
i went to a meet this past weekend, and there was an RS with
a JDM momo steering wheel, too.
that's not the first time somebody has said that the RS is ugly.

one time somebody drove along side me in a crx.
he kept up with me and I didn't really pay attention to him (don't want any trouble..) so he honks at me. I look over and he gives me a thumbs up and I wave. yeah I guess it's nice getting the attention.
Funny, I've never heard anyone say the GC8 is ugly. I think it's one of the best bodystyles to ever come from Japan! :cool:
I love the GC8 bodystyle, too...especially the coupe. :) For the sedan, it's a tossup - I like the new sedans personally.

Recently, a family of 3 (!) SVXs moved into my neighborhood...they're just tempting me. ;) One of these days I'll get a used one.

I think that it has the sexiest body style to ever come out of Japan (er, Italy):


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most people like the shape of the RS, but some think
it's ugly. maybe it's one of those love or hate designs.

I saw an svx that looked exactly like the one above last week.
Funny thing was that as it was pulling out of a parking space,
an outback sport was waiting to park in it's space. 2 equally rare
cars in my area.
My dream of owning an svx has died unfortunately. i don't think
I could afford the maintenance. parts too rare and $$$$.
Owning one takes too much commitment.
when i had my GC8, I used to get a lot of good words. But because it was an auto and I had to switch to MT, I now have a GDA. I miss my GC8...
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