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I get asked a lot "Why should I buy Flatout Suspension Coilovers instead of <brand>?" Let me answer that here...WARNING: Novel Ahead

Our suspensions are designed on the application. What does that mean? Well, we take the weight of the car, figure out how we want the suspension to behave, find out the optimum geometry points, and go from there. Our shock is per application. For example, a Supra doesn't use an elongated version of a Miata shock.

We don't have a huge application list for a reason; we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. Obviously we have more than one application, but 90% of our sales are to Subaru owners because that's where our ground floor is. Our other applications came from a desire to enter a market to target a specific vehicle. Our non Subaru applications are Miatas, RX8, and S2000. The common theme is popularity of the platform in autocross and track presence. We don't offer other platforms because there are so many options out there already that generally it comes down to price and we get beaten there 95% of the time. Granted, there are plenty of options in the markets we support; we just feel we have a niche with certain buyers that understand exactly what they are buying.

We never sit back and keep offering the same products. So many competitors offer the same suspension they have been for years. We strive to constantly improve. Our C model has been offered since January of 2015 and we're already on our Mk.V shock. We are constantly working to make our suspensions better. Obviously only so much can be done as we are limited by mechanical design. One big thing we have done is launched our Version II of our C variant. We have standardized secondary helper springs to help improve comfort and to keep everything together when the spring perch is adjusted.

One other thing we do that sets us apart is we have always and will continue to offer camber plates standard on any McPhearson type suspension. If you have McPhearson type rears, you get rear camber plates at no additional cost. We will never charge extra for that as camber adjustment is crucial to a proper set up. Of course the drawback is the plate uses a spherical bearing, so the metal on metal is noisier than a rubber bushing. We feel the trade-off is worth it.

With the release of our Version II you get a pair of adjustment knob extenders. There's nothing worse (ok, that's a stretch) than having inverted shocks and having to crawl under the car and try and turn the knob with the tips of your fingers. With our extenders, adjusting the shocks is a breeze. On upright shocks, the adjustment point is at the top of the shock which is typically behind a panel in the trunk or worse, under the rear deck. No more hassle; our knob can be placed in an easy to reach location to make adjustment easier.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope I answered some questions you may have had.

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