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Ever wonder why your posts don't count (and hence your title does not increase)?

It's because certain forums don't count towards your post counter, like:

Muffler bearings (and all sub-forums)
The marketplace

It does that so people can post away like crazy about useless shit off-topic and your title (supposedly) more accurately reflects how often you post useful information. Unless you're a whore and posting somewhere else (don't make me name names! :lol: )

Also, if you really HAVE to post useless info, there is the "Whores, Sluts, Pimps" forum where you can do so. If you post crap there, it will make the rest of the forums more useful for all of us.

So if you are wondering what's up, that's why. :biggest:

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That means the chat room doesn't count towards the status, since it isn't items being posted.

Now I understand the term whoring that is being used in some of the Southern California posts.

I had to use one of the new faces.
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