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whosa gonna wanna helpa me out with a flywheel??

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anyone have experience taking off an AWD tranny? I was looking at it the other day and it seems I have to take off exhaust, and then just endue random bolts until the tranny sags a, eh...maybe I should just fork the money over to a shop....but what shop? damnit.....I called this one shop who said they can do it, I told them what type of car and everything, we got a price settled and the last line of the conversation:
LADY: "ok, subaru, this is a FWD car right?"
ME: "Ummmm, no? It's an AWD car"
LADY: "Oh, I see. Well that changes things"
ME: "damnit, it changes in a bad way to my wallet, eh?"
LADY: "You could say that..."
so yah....
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Unless you have a good place to do the swap at and at least one person who has done it before, I wouldn't attempt it. And if you are going to do the flywheel, I would go ahead and do the clutch as well. We did my clutch and flywheel a few weeks ago and it took 4 of us 5 and a half hours. Bill and Steven had both done it before, and I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, and my fiance Elizabeth would move around the car handing us tools and such. If you can find some good Suby guys to help you though, it will save you some funds.
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