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Who's got the baddest N/A ride?

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Come on, bring it... what ya got?

MY 01 RS coupe, BRP
Cobb spicy cams
Borla headers
Unorthodox pulley
Cobb CAI
Brullen cat-back
Goodridge brake lines
Ceramic pads
20mm FHI rear sway bar
DIY clear corner lenses
DIY Red/White/Blue grille badge
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I love how this thread is 6 YEARS old!
Its taken me that long to get a members journal :burnout:
Mine is not a true RS but it thinks it is...:lol:

'96 Brighton coupe.

'01 2.5 motor, trans and rear diff.
'02 WRX seats(front and rear)
Momo steering wheel
Version 4 bumper
lightweight beams front and rear
WRX rsb
KYB GR-2's with WRX springs
Generic strut bars, front and rear

Motor specs,
Freshly rebuilt <5K miles
Delta torque cams
SPT modified intake with K&N filter
Light weight flywheel
Stage 2 Exedy clutch
Perfect power 6 piggyback
Cosworth race bearings
Equal length headers and Rallitek catback

Trans has also been freshened up. New bearings and synchro's.

Dyno'd by Pacific Import Automotive in Tacoma, Washington.
158ft-lbs and 160hp at the wheels. Using a correction factor of 1.3(30%) it works out to 208 at the crank.

I haven't done any 1/4 passes yet. Didn't really build it for that. Finished 1st and 2nd overall in the Pacific Rally Group rallycross series Modified 4 class for 2007. I finished first and my friend finished 2nd.

Here is a recent pic

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61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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