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Come on, bring it... what ya got?

MY 01 RS coupe, BRP
Cobb spicy cams
Borla headers
Unorthodox pulley
Cobb CAI
Brullen cat-back
Goodridge brake lines
Ceramic pads
20mm FHI rear sway bar
DIY clear corner lenses
DIY Red/White/Blue grille badge

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You got me beat!

GanzFlow CAI
K&N panel filter
Stromung dual-tip axle-back exhaust
Clear corners
Clear side markers
JDM red/clear tails
Front strut tower bar
Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar (18,20,22)
Short shifter (what Larry and Cobb sell)
Chrome skull shift knob and valve caps:checkit:
DIY red/green/blue grill emblem (soon to be replaced with old school style emblem)

That's about it for me. I see you have the Cobb spicy cams. How do you like them? Is the power alot better, and have you had any CE light problems? I've thought about getting those, but wasn't sure (need a job first, too!) Are they worth the price?

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MY 01 silverthorn coupe

-weapon r hyper intake
-HKS fuel reg.
-U.R. 2 pulley kit
-sparko ignition wires
-ngk racing plugs
-syms flywheel
-syms shortshifter
-cobb cams
-scoobysport catback
-JDM front, side, rear lights
-H&R springs
-cuzco front and rear strut bars
-carbon fiber autometer tach. w/shiftlight
-carbon fiber fuel pres. gauge, trans. temp, air fuel ratio
-ver. 6 front lip, spoiler, grear spats
-rear diff. protecter
-sti fog light covers
-OZ prodrive rims
-215/45/17 kumho 712
-Recaro rally seat
-20mm FHI rear swaybar

comming soon:

-KYB ajustable shocks
-momo stearing wheel
-momo seat belt pads
-momo carbon fiber shift knob
-cobb titanium valve springs

wish list:

-VCN 2000
-Greddy injectors
-cobb cylinder/piston heads
-port and polish
-syms ECU


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This site will tell you all you need to know about fast Subies. Note that the fastest time on the registry is an RS, and #5 I believe posted that time in '99! And there is the auto OBS in the top ten as well. Fastest N/A RS is represented as well. Check it out.

Nick C.
Thank you Kevin Thomas.

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The cobb cams kick ass! No check engine light since I pushed the plug wire all the way on to #2 plug DUH... Great top end power.

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I don't know about the baddest, but with the new flywheel, the car screams. A huge improvement in acceleration. Anyway, my mods are

1. Weapon R Dragon intake (Modified and heat shielded to recieve cold air only)
2. Cusco 20mm rear swar bar
3. Cusco rear lower arm bar
4. Cusco front and rear strut tower bars
5. FHI version 5 struts
6. 5Zigen Springs
7. Custom built cat back exhaust with magnaflow muffler
8. Whiteline Anti-lift kit
9. Whiteline solid front and rear end links
10. ISR Performance clutch disc
11. Fidanze 9.3 lb racing flywheel
12. EBC greenstuff brake pads

coming soon

1. Addco 25 mm front sway bar
2. Whiteline 20-24mm rear sway bar (with heavy duty mounts)
3. DNT Performance super duty front and rear endlinks
4. DNT Performance Adjustable Top strut mounting plates
5. DNT Performance Stage I Supercharger Kit (okay so this will take me out of the N/A thing)
6. Some form of adjustable damping coil overs (Teins, APEX, M2, I don't know yet)

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OK! So I was bored & made a list!

2000 2.5 RS MT Sedan 2 Door (Blue Ridge Pearl)

Engine Mods :

-GanzFlow Version IV CAI
-Amsoil Air Filter
-Magnecore KV85 Wires
-NGK BKR6E-11 Plugs
-Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley (Blue)
-Borla Version III Headers
-Stromung 2.25" SS Midpipe
-Stromung SS Dual Tip Exhaust
-Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

Drivetrain Mods :

-Kartboy Short Shifter
-Kartboy Shifter Bushings
-STi Engine Mounts
-STi Transmission Mounts

Suspension Mods :

-KYB AGX Struts
-Eibach Pro-Kit Springs
-Cusco Front Strut Tower Brace
-Cusco Rear Strut Tower Brace
-Whiteline 18-22mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar

Brakes :

-Goodridge SS Brake Lines
-Motul 600 Racing Brake Fluid

Tires :
-Kuhmo Ecsta Supra 712 (205/55 R16)

Misc :
-Painted BRP Side Skirts
-STi Version V Front Lip (Painted BRP)
-STi Version VI Rear Spats (Painted BRP)
-STi Pedals Anodized Blue
-STi Fog Light Covers
-Clear Corners
-Clear Side Markers
-PIAA Super Plasma Headlights
-PIAA Super White Parking Light Bulbs
-Carbon Fiber Dash Kit (Custom)
-Debadged (SUBARU) Trunk


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I sure do. I'm running at 53% right now, which is actually more than 90. I make stock WRXs feel really bad. I also run a J&S Safeguard since the VCN only cuts out after 3 seconds of a lean condition.

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Post some 1/4 mile times too
here's my best time, then comes the short list of mods:

R/T -- 1.025 yea, pretty bad, but it was my first time racing
60' -- 2.034 needs some working on as well, but read above
330 - 6.257 don't know, it's just there
1/8 -- 9.772 @70.17 MPH
990 - 12.769
and the best time for me
1/4 -- 15.457 @ 86.93 MPH
overall not too bad, since then i have installed pulleys, Greddy Lip, and Prodrive Replica wing


Ganzflow intake (2.5" version)
Amsoil Panel Filter
Lightened Pulley Set
Cobb short shifter (from larry)
Arospeed 2.5" Cat-Back exaust
NGK Plugs (sure beats champion)
OMP adjustable front tower Bar (Hi Performance Yellow)
Rear Strut bar from Larry
Rear 20mm Swaybar (from JC Sports)
Kumho Ectsa Supra in 205/50/16 size
STi Type RA Suspension (struts and springs)
clear corners, sidemarkers, and bumper lights
Greddy front Lip
Prodrive Replica Wing
Indiglo Gauges (6 color digital)
ichibahn shift knob
Sparco replacement racing pedals

and i think that's it right now
i want to get:
Headers (that won't put out CE light)
Hi-flow cat (that won't put out CE light)
flywheel and clutch (most people do both at same time)
cams (can they be done by yourself?)
racing seats (adjustable)

i don't think i'm asking much huh?

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i can take picutures of my car tonight since it just got sunny out. it may be a little dirty, but it's winter so who cares
I got the wing from Revolution Motorsports for an undisclosed amount (cheaper than what he's asking but you didn't hear that from me :D )
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