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Who would like a Spring Break meet at the beach?

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Ok, I've mentioned this elsewhere so now I would like to gauge some interest.

Here's what I need to know first though, is what week is most people's Spring Break and what week or extended weekend works around March/April. As long as it isn't the weekend of Cherokee Trails. :)

With that said, here would be the deal: The house sleeps 16 people (officially) but 20 could stay without resorting to uncomfortable conditions. 7 bedrooms, with lots of different configurations with those. 3 floor house, 3 TVs, (with Speedvision!), 2 VCRs, decent sized kitchen, large dining area to accomodate everyone, decks all over the place. Private pool, private hot tub. 3 rows of houses or so back from the oceanfront.

Located in Corolla, NC which is about 40 minutes or so north of Kitty Hawk.

Who would be genuinely interested in doing this? If this generates enough interest and people can settle on a decent time then this could become a reality.

Anyone? :)

EDIT: Forgot one detail; you can drive on the beach about 10 minutes from the house. That was a lot of fun the last time I did it.... :) Downside is that parking may be a bit limited, but I'm sure we can work something out. Line the street with Subies?
Also, price is really dependent upon how many people would want to go. But the cost of staying in the house would be more than reasonable. :)
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I am THERE! This is going to be a PARTY! Woohoo!
Alright......I guess Porter's invited... ;)

Anyone else besides the Porteranian interested? :)
My break is March 4 - 8 which if you count the weekends before and after is the 2 - 10. Whens this date gonna be?
I've already asked off the few days to go to the Cherokee Trails rally... so I'm doubting my boss will let me have any more time off around March. D'oh
YankeeInRebelTerritory said:
My break is March 4 - 8 which if you count the weekends before and after is the 2 - 10. Whens this date gonna be?
Well that is what I was trying to figure out; when people's breaks are so that they could go. That and see how many people would be interested......I don't know if I would just do this like a long 4 day weekend or try to go for a whole week. Just wanted to see who was interested and who might want to go. So far you are the only person to suggest a date.

Maybe Marth 7th-10th? That's the only vote I have right now....anyone else? :)
I am still interested. I have never been to the NC coast. Went to Myrtle Beach. What a DUMP.
Ryan: Since you didn't grow up here and didn't have to take NC history in school, you and your woman should head out to the outer banks sometime. Go up to Manteo and visit The Lost Colony... stop off at all the lighthouses... hit Kitty Hawk... and just enjoy the peace and quiet down there. If you go during the offseason (we went last year the week before spring break)... there's hardly any traffic.. hardly any people... and you have the beach all to yourself. Definately drive your Impreza though... because roads down towards Cape Hatteras tend to wash out every morning, so driving through an inch of sand and water isn't too uncommon.

I can't speak for Corolla so I'm thinking it'll probably be about the same.... but Myrtle Beach and NC beaches are WORLDS of difference.

All the pictures of our trip are at:
Well, that is sort of close; Corolla is about 15 miles north of Duck. Why is it called Duck? Well years ago people used to go duck hunting there all of the time. There is also a lighthouse in Corolla, along with some other small things there near the light keeper's house. You can tour it and pay a couple of dollars and walk to the top. The nice thing about the Corolla/Duck area is that it isn't all commercialized; they are just now building a hotel up there (which I found out is designed to make people want to buy houses up there). Basically the entire area is houses and condos for people staying at the beach. All of the commercial stuff is down the Outer Banks some. There are a few small shops and some restaurants nearby but that's about it. About 10 minutes North of the house, NC-12 (the main road that runs through there) runs out of pavement and goes straight up the beach. You can go drive your car along the beach although they recently restricted it to 4WD only; Subies would definitely have fun there.

They should also by now be finishing the restoration of the Whalehead club; a really beautiful structure built a good number of years ago for all of the gentlemen who used to go hunting in the area (if I remember correctly).

Corolla is also home to the one of the last areas of wild horses on the east coast. You can go on tour groups on ATVs to go see them I believe.

Like I said, if I get enough interest then I can most likely make this more than just an idea. :)
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Here is a picture of the house; it has been repainted since then to a light sea-foam green color with white trim. NOTE: This picture was also taken on a very overcast day. Normally the beach isn't like this. :)


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Here is the Corolla Light:


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Lightkeeper's House:


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Here is another pic I took at night and happened to catch heat lightning in the distance by chance, which silhouetted the house across the street.


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As long as it doesn't fall on a already scheduled date, I'll come down! :)
Will their be BEER? :confused:

Yes guys, beer is not a problem. If I plan a date then beer won't be a problem. Food Lion is about 2 minutes drive, and the Brew Thru that I got the keg from last time can provide whatever we like as long as they know ahead of time. So you can come down and drink away. :D
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