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Who saw the two RSs on Speedvision today?

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I was watching an import show and drag on speedvision today and at around 12:20 they had two RS owners being interviewed. One of them was a pretty lady with a 2000 silverthorn 4 door RS and she had really tricked it out, and was waiting to turbo. The other was a pretty standard my2000 blue ridge pearl coupe with an SAFC and gauges, but I don't think he was boosted yet either.

Anyobdy else see it? I know if pleiades had he would be searching for the girl by now.
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Yeah it was a girl...Nice too...Representin' Subies to da Max...Stomping on all the Hondas and Diamonds...

Oh and the guy was boostin...

Hey Zee,

That wasn't you was it???
No, it wasn't...My girlfriend said the same thing...She said "look babe its you"....LOL...



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did the silver one have a red stripe on it and the greddy front lip?
was it from carlisle?
if so, then i remember talking to them and they were pretty cool. She was from VA if my memory serves me correctly
You are correct sir...

Yeah thats them...She knew what was up, not like the girls that roll around in their cars with no idea of the mods they have done...
sweet...she was pretty cool too. Her b/f was with her i think. My g/f got mad at me because i was talking cars with her. i have a picture of her car at home...i'll have to see about getting it scanned.
Are we talking about the "Mother's Import Show" on Speedvision? The show were the hosts seem kinda unpolished? And where people turn perfectly good cars into body-kits on wheels? I did watch the beginning, maybe I should have stuck around to catch the girl with the RS.

Who all was at Carlisle Last year? I was till Joel and I got booted out.....:boxer:
Yeah it was the Mothers car show.

I kinda like the rough around the edges hosts.

Funny thing was...I was sitting there going...Ohhh gooody, I get to look at all the fugly Honda's for the rest of the show and said to myself "Damn it would be SWEET if they had some Subies on here,". Well after the commercial, WHAM. Two subies. The silver one was VERY nice looking, very clean. The blue was clean as well, but if you're running the BRP car you gotta do some serious stuff to shine above the rest now as pretty much everything has been done before. But I still LOVE EM!

Good stuff!

her name is do you get you have to pay extra..or do you have to have satelite??
I think Speedvision is Satellite only, I thought I heard something about someone being able to get it on their local digital cable, but I'm not definately sure about that one.

I have DirecTV and it comes with the package I bought =) Worth the extra few bucks a month.

Yes her name is Jean (Jeacra on i-club) she is way cool i meet her at one of the mid atlantic meets, i have also seen her car at a couple of shows!
Here speedvision is a digital cable option, which I do not have because I am tight, however I would like to have. Man I wish I could get over it.:barf:
Yeah I remember that girl from Carlisle. She had a sweet car. I think we were talking to her for a while. I wish I had the money to do all that. I am just getting things in pieces.
(my g/f so i can say these things)
Im only stupid cause im with him!!!

Oops did I just say that!!:run:
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