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PA, checking in..
99 RS coupe, 06 WRX swap.. 396whp..
I rotate it in my daily driving, date nights, when the kids want to ride in it, etc..

Rotate the daily, between my JDM STI Forester swap.. 443whp..

And my Baja 4eat, tcu, VTD, and LGT column mounted paddle shifted, 05 FXT.(389whp)

And a 01 RS sedan.. Next to a 97 manual coupe. (06 WRX is for swap parts, harness, ECU, etc..)

Recently snagged a 96 sedan (auto)

And a 95 manual with a low mileage rebuilt motor.

Soo.. 2x RS's.. Many Subaru's... (3x not shown)

Wife's 08 WRB Forester Sport
Wife's 08 Legacy
Dad's 04 FXT
And sons 04 FXT..

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21 - 22 of 22 Posts