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I need some help from someone that has the MY99 manuals. I don't necessarily need them scanned, I just need to know wire colors for a few pinouts.

I believe there is a section in one of the books (book 8 for the MY00 set... not sure about MY99's) that is on the 'Engine Electrical System', more specifically the 2500cc model.

The pinouts I need colors for are :

B135/7 (+power)
B134/8 (-ground)
B136/17 (TPS)
B136/14 (coolant temp. signal)
B134/30 (engine speed (RPM))
B136/18 (rear O2 signal)

For those that haven't read the wiring diagram on there before, the ECU is the rectangle on the center of the page and says "Engine Control Module" on it. The pinout there don't have B134-B136 on it, it just reads a-c (134-136) so you need to substitute those in to figure them out. The colors are kind of tough to read because they're on the wires leading away and it's simple to confuse which color and which wire you're looking at.

If you want to just scan them and let me deal with it (should be 4 pages), just email them over to me - [email protected] and make sure they're less then 5 meg per email.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out, it's very much appreciated. :)
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