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Who can read Japanese?

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If you can read Japanese, wanna go translate this for me?

When I took my RS to Shortline automotive here in Denver, those assholes "accidentally" lost both my keys and my alarm remote. So now someone is running around with keys to my car. If this does what I think it does, I want one!

Oh how much is it - can you convert that for me? And how much to ship it.

I guess you'd have to translate the directions for me too! :lol:
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I ran the text through babelfish and this is what it gave me:

"It is the security system of the completely new type until now there is no BBlanks security ƒgƒ‰ƒ“ƒXƒ|ƒ“ƒ_�[ƒCƒ‚ƒ‰ƒCƒU�[ " freezing ". It is not the security of vibrating perception type, as the name, Freeze shows, " locks it is the product that it makes the performance of the car stop with the responder and and moduration ". As for main function, you perceive the functional stop of the engine starter, the stop of ignition function, the operation stop of the fuel pump and opening and closing of the door. Being to be the product which seriously considered the function which visual is not the former way the * auditory element, is necessary for the robbery prevention of the car there is no either worry with erroneous operation. In addition, because the security operates automatically, button operation and the like there is no necessity altogether, also the Wireless Telegraphy Act that also the electric battery unnecessary, in Japan is harsh, completely it clears. And, also combined use with the former product being, possibility, from you can use even in the one that we would like to strengthen security performance. "
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It's a "Security System Immobilizer"... ??!??!!

It's an security system that when it is turned on, it immobilizes the car (cuts fuel pump, ignition). The system on the left pic at the bottom, the system is engaged when you are (and the remote) are 10 meters away from the car. As for the one on the right, you engage/disengage by touching the supplied "key" to the control panel of the system (I suppose this is hidden somewhere). As for the price, they are about 160 bucks.

Hope this is good enough James:)
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