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whiteline springs?

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are they really as bad as everyone says they are? all i ever see are posts about how bad they are. everything else whiteline makes is great, but why not the springs? i was going to get a set until everyone said how bad they were. i did like the price though $150 for 4 springs
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I have also looked into getting the whiteline springs b/c the price is so good (and I'm on a budget).

The only problem that I personally have heard of is that some springs people received for the rear made the car sit too low. I did hear that Don Nimi (I think that's who it was, from pdm-racing), replaced the rears......problem solved.

But, I hadn't heard anything about them being too bouncy or what not.

Someone with these springs, give us the low down, please. Thanks.

I read that Whiteline sent springs to N.A. for the same setup for the Aus. cars and the problem is getting fixed now. If there are any questions about getting the right part number from a supplier email Whiteline here
[email protected] Whiteline vendor user name on *-club is Jim Gurieff. This is where I heard the info.
Hope this helps,
I just put on Whiteline's with KYB GR-2's. All I can say is WOW! I also have an FHI 20mm rear swaybar, Whiteline F&R endlinks, Whiteline Rear STB, FHI steel front STB, and STi strut mounts. To me the car sits fine, although Whiteline's site says to use a different rear spring if it sits too low. The only major difference's I see between EDM and JDM GC's are the lightweight bumper beams which make our cars heavier in the ass end. It handles great and it sits nice too.
ya alpha_32 runs them on his RS and I've never heard him complain about them. I'll show him this thread and have him give his opinion on them.
i've got a set on my car for maybe 3 weeks now, no complaints here!

the back I think does sit a little too low, the one thing i've heard about is rust problems but the new ones with the silver powder coat do not rust as easily as the old ones with the blue powder coat.
Hey Roly I also have a 2001 2.5 RS with whiteline springs. I'm on stock struts right now and am bottoming out pretty badly. Does your car bottom out on potholes when going over them at a high speed. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Kyb's to solve my problem. Thanks in advance.
It doesn't bottom out for anything... I only ran into slight rubbing when I was pushing it hard on right turns at the Dragon. The car rides really smooth, but I try not to hit potholes. On the occasion, I will go over speed bumps pretty quickly and have yet to have any problems.
Thanks Roly. I'm debating about getting the kyb agx's and the eidalbrock pro springs b/c the whitelines might be too low. My current set up is a nightmare (whiteline + stock struts). I keep bottoming out problably because my struts are blown. I'm also considering the gr-2's.
where did you guys get your whiteline springs?
Hey Mayo, I got my springs when I bought my car. I'm not sure where MrJosh43 (seller) got his springs from. If you contact him, I'm sure he'll help you out. Coinsidentally I might be getting rid of my whitelines very soon when I upgrade to kyb agx's and eidehbrach springs. Good luck.
I'm running GR-2's now... The main reason why I went with Whitelines was the spring rate, they're identical to V4 STi springs. I got mines through , Whiteline just recommends using 70384 instead of 80067A for the rear springs on the 2.5RS, they said it'll raise it up a bit to match the front much better keeping the same spring rate.
I'm not sure which springs I have from whiteline but the rear does look pretty low to me e.g. the fender covers a small portion of the top of the rear tires. These springs are close to 3 years old, so back then I'm not sure what whiteline was recommending for the 2.5 RS. It doesn't look bad in my opinion. I'll try to get some pictures of my car up soon. For some reason, at nabisco, Subiegal recommend that I get the P1 springs over the eidelhbrach b/c the eidelhbrach's are too "soft"?. Do any of your guys know how the spring rates of the whiteline's compare to those of the eidelhbrach's or P1's? I'm debating if I should upgrade to new spring + struts or just new struts or new struts + stock springs.
From Ravenblade's site

Whiteline Spring rates.... f190 - r150/170
Eibach........................ f171- r91/188
Prodrive...................... f215 - r195
STi V4........................ f196 - r174
STi V5........................ f224 - r185
stock RS..................... f157 - r149

Whiteline has since updated their page recommending the different rear spring for the RS. I'm certain that once you replace the struts the rear should come up a bit.
Thanks for getting that info for me Roly. I found something familiar on Ravenblade's Impreza site. I think that I'm gonna stick with my whiteline's and upgrade to the agx's. Thanks for everyone's help.
I edited the post... it's from his site and as you can see..Whiteline went with similar rates to the STi V4 with their comfort springs.
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