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Which brand?

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I am looking to change the fluids (trans and diff) in my car this weekend and wanted to get amsoil or redline, or anything else you guys recommend. I really don't want to order it from a website since I wanted it yesterday. Was looking for weights and capacities. I tend to be hard on the shifter and grind third to fourth alot and I don't auto-x or anything like that.
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I'm using Mobil 1 in the tranny and have no problems yet. I don't get any grinding at all. I ground the gears a couple of times, but I think that was a product of the new clutch, and me not being used to it. I haven't done it since a couple of days after I put in the clutch. I have about 3k with the Mobil 1, and at this point I would recommend it to you.
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