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Which boost controller to get...

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Whadda you guys think? Should I get a greddy or an AEM.
For exhaust I'm thinking a Motec System.

Anyone up for a new Beetle Turbo S swap into a '95 Impreza L???
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which one is prettier??
I was talking about the prettier boost controller.. get the one that matchs the interior the best. :)

I saw a 2-toned turbo beetle yesterday.. and I didn't like the look of it.
Soon?? I've already got my electronic bov.
I'm getting my custom APC altezzas installed tomorrow.
no... because you drive a wrx! [Nelson]Ha-Ha![/Nelson]
:sd: :sd: :sd: :sd:


:stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid:

Therefore, you're stupid?
I feel goooooooooooood.. I feel dammn gooooooooooooood.

Who's baaaaaaaad?
Who's baaaaaaaad?

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaad!
Truth hurts huh..

Potential rice boy. :stupid:
sooo.. what's your reason fot not coming to the meet orion?? Can't handle the drive? :lol:
A meet in Houston?? Ha-Ha! I think the future meets will be held in Austin. It's a central location for everyone. Plus, there are cute chick everywhere... not that I'm in the market, I just like eye candy. :devil:
1 - 16 of 58 Posts
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