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where's the alarm in the legacy?

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ok, MY00 legacy GT (my mom's). anyway, the cars under my control for a couple of months and the alarm chrips are pissing me off. i turned them off on my impreza so i know how to do it, but i can't find the alarm box itself to flip the pin switch. anyone know.
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Does the fob have square or round buttons? If it has square buttons (Code alarm) the brain is over the fuse panel by the drivers left foot. If the buttons are round (Alpine) the instructions for silent arming are on the back of the fob. I think you hold both buttons down at the same time or something like that.
"fob" :confused: i'm guessing the stero stuff? (pardon my ignorance)

i can tell you this much, there is no brain under the left kick panel. its actually quite different under there than on the impreza.
ok, the remote has round buttons, but the instructions on the back only tell me how to unlock/lock various doors. i guess i'll try hitting both, though i suspect that may be the panic...
Look here:

And get the security update pdf I ghink it may be the same procedure.
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