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Where to put gauges.....

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I was thinking about putting an A/F gauge and EGT gauge in the location where the stock radio once was with a S-AFC under or over them will they both fit? Since the radio is moved up to the Gauge pod its just two pockets there right now and I don’t think I am going to get what I want as far as an A-pillar that looks clean. Has anyone done this? I think 8 complex has the gauges right there? Is there a din sized gauge cluster to fit?
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Go to someplace like Tap Plastics and get a 1/4" thick plastic sheet, drill four holes for the screws to mount where the original factory radio was, and then use a hole drill (not a hole saw, though) and cut holes for your guages. You can also probably use a small saw or Dremel to cut the hole for the S-AFC.

Takes some time, but looks good when done right.

And remember...

Measure twice, cut once. Measure once, cut twice.
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