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Where is everyone?!?

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What happened to all the other threads here? Now i only see one here that has a recent post :( did everyone start hiding or what?? we need to start adding traffic here in the NorCal forum
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sjt here to represent!

man, i'm tellin ya, even though we don't have a bunch of threads going on, its much nicer without the SoCal folks typin smack here!!! :D

anyone down for a BARSC/BAIC meet? post any ideas on either forum!
is it going to be just a GC8 meet or what? I haven't seen a meet with just us GC8 people in a while :rolleyes:

well before... it was only us :lol:

anyone down for a tapioca (boba) meet?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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