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Where can I get this spoiler?

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The trunklid one, not the big-ass DTM one...

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What kit is that?! I've never see that before. Looks pretty cool. Minus that big ass wing on top. :cool:
:yikes: that wing is huge! i like the exhaust bumper protector
Wow, everytime i think i've seen every body kit for the RS, another one just pops out of nowhere.
There's tons of bodykits overseas that we'll never see...
maybe you can get it from Japan?:D at least that's what i think.

not bad looking but i would like to see metal stands though
STiShawn said:
looks like the Apex wing Im trying to find
Kind of, I don't really like the Apex wing though. Unless it's just the picture.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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