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I really want to get some STI seats for my RS. I haven't been able to find them anywhere. If anyone has any they are selling or knows where I can find them, please let me know. These are the ones I want, I think they're version 5 seats.

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I'm not quite positive about this, but your local Subaru dealer might be able to order them. Get the part #'s from , and ask them. Depending on your relationship with your dealer, you might not want to mention exactly what you want, just ask them if they can get that part#.

Mike shields' website is

Also, you might try ISR in Huntington beach, , I think.

There's a shop in AZ that can get you some used seats from euro-spec WRX's, I dunno if they can get the old-style STi seats or not though,

good luck,

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Mea Culpa,

Yes, the ones in your pic are STi V5. Mike Shields does carry them.

And AV Sports is indeed in Arizona, and the seats you're talking about are European-market WRX seats, pictured here in my attachment. They were selling them for under $600/pair. Yes you read that correctly.

If I were you, I'd go with those. STi seats are nice, but pricey!!!
The only thing I hear is that those WRX seats sit a little HIGHer than stock. They're take-outs from the new bodystyle, which has a slightly different seating position, that translates to a somewhat higher seat when placed in the GC8. Kind of the opposite effect from what's needed really, in an Impreza. It's a very high-seated car.

However..... if you can find a pair of the OLDER Euro. WRX seats, from the GC8 bodystyle, that should be a better setup. I just can't find 'em anywhere. They were black and grey.

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