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Where are the dirt run pics?

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I saw like a couple of Sean jumping and in dirt, but where are the rest? I know you guys had to have taken some... and I heard there was video footage as well. Did I miss it? Or are they not posted yet? Show me the pics!
*Addicted to Dirt*
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There are probably a few more pics along with some video footage. You haven't missed it yet, no worries. It just hasn't been posted yet.

If you see a black RS going 5mph around the turns... that's me! :happynow:
Hey you little post Whore:stinky: !!! We went over this in the other thread. The only pics and video taken of the run where taken be Pro. vid and photo people so we have to give them time to get the stuff to us. I guess thats what happens when we're not paying customers:checkit: .


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Who is more the post whore? The post whore or the one who posts to the post whore?

Well she does have more than 100 post,wow:eek: .

I don't remember how many I have:rolleyes:
Heh. Although the correct answer could be "he who posts in reply to the posts about the post whore to the post whore using dumb star wars reference quotes just cuz he's excited about the next movie in two months" :eek:
[email protected] SUBARU said:
Really, two months you say...
Yes, May 22nd. Give or take a day. Haven't heard the official announcement yet (trying to stay spoiler free so not going to the sites).

If you like SW, we always get a bunch of people up to the Irvine Spectrum to watch it on openeing Friday (the movie will be out on Wednesday or Thursday, so by Friday there are still fans but not the die hard nutz! <g>). We'll get the tickets in advance and then a small portion show up on Friday early to get place in line and then everyone else shows up for the night showing when they get off from work.

Anyway, you're more than welcome to join us! We have about 10-12 people right now at least. The more the merrier! :D
Star Wars Run YOU SAY!! I'm In!!!!!!
Awesome! I'll prolly know more when it gets down to one month before release (adv ticket buying info and all that).

Okay, finally found it. It comes out May 16th (darn, I was off by a week!) so we'll be seeing it Friday, May 17th at the Irvine Spectrum probably around 9:30pm showing (give or take 30mins depending on which theater is showing in digital! w000!)

I'll contact you guys when I found out about ticket pre-purchasing. We'll get all the tickets then just give me the money when you show up on Friday. If we get too many people, and we have to do wait-in-line pre-purchasing of tickets (they'll most likely be limited to x tickets per person) then I may do some seeing if some others can go with me to get them. I already have someone else. Last time they limited it to 7 per person, so we can handle 14 people, which I think we're at right now :eek:

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[email protected] SUBARU said:
Can you say "post whoring thread hi-jackers"
Post whorthing thphd shupthckthpts.

uhm, nope! :biggest:
[email protected] SUBARU said:
Po-st h-or-en thr-ead hi-jak-rs
Sorry! HIC made me do it!! :devil:
I came across some more pics from our meet go to this site. Then go to gallery and click on rally racing.
Wooooo! Awesome pics!!!! Look, I'm going ... oh... 10mph!
Dude! I hope that when the mag comes out and decide to post our pictures that they edit them as if we were doing 60 mph 'cause this 10mph shit ain't cutting it!!!!!:curse:
I mean or I can just pretend!!!!:biglaugh: :biglaugh:
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