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wheel well gap

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hey there, looking into my first suspension mod, question is that i am lookin into reducing the wheel well gap, but not sacrificing alot of ride quality. i've looked into the h&r's and the eibachs. the 5zigens give a nice 1.3' drop, but are apparantly too stiff, the h&r's give the max drop i want, 1.5' but i do plan on running them on stock stuts right now..the eibach prokit gives a 1' drop (after settling..i've heard it even drops to 3/4") any insight on my suggestions? remember, i plan on using the stock strut for now..i am lookin into a set of KYB's in the next 7 months, but would like to drop the car a bit now..any help would be cool..thanx guys and gals!

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I've got the SPT eibachs (w/sti mounts and v5 struts) and it's not too firm. It's a lot tighter than stock, but liveable. Unless you drive 30 miles of washboard each way every day. Then you might decide to pilot yourself off the edge.
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